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File > Save Session As …

source:trunk/resources/images/session.svg Keyboard shortcut: none (expert mode only)

Saves the JOSM session (i.e. the currently present Layers) to a file.

This is useful e.g. to save your work for later continue, to transfer your work to another PC or for bug reporting. Some layer types can't be saved to a session, e.g. validator layers.

The checkbox Save all local files to disk below the layers allows to save all local files referenced but not included in the session file.

If no "real" data is included the file extension will be .jos while with data the session file is automatically compressed as zip file and the extension is .joz.

Life hack: If you want to start JOSM with a predefined selection of imageries, add them, save them as session an load that session at your next JOSM start. This way you don't have to manually re-add all imageries individually.


  • session.savelocal - whether to save all local files referenced in the session file or not (default: true)
  • See also source:trunk/resources/images/open.svg Open…

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