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Die Statusleiste (Fußzeile) zeigt die folgenden Informationen an (von links nach rechts):

Feld Zeigt Aktion wenn man darauf klickt
source:trunk/images/statusline/lat.pngthe geographic latitude of the mousepointeropens the jump to position dialog
source:trunk/images/statusline/lon.pngthe geographic longitude of the mousepointeropens the jump to position dialog
source:trunk/images/statusline/heading.pngthe (compass) heading of the line segment being drawnnone
source:trunk/images/statusline/angle.pngthe angle between the previous and the current way segment. The background color of this field changes to green if angle snapping? is active.none
source:trunk/images/statusline/dist.pngin edit mode: the length of new way segment being drawn; in select mode: the length of selected way(s) or the distance of two selected nodeschanges the system of measurement (Metric → Chinese → Imperial → Nautical Mile). With a right click you can directly choose one measurement system
source:trunk/images/statusline/name.pngthe name, number of nodes and ID of the object at the mouse pointer none
nonesome helpful information about the current working modenone - With a right click you can copy the shown help text

Mit einem Rechtsklick auf die Statusleiste kann man wählen, ob die Statusleiste ausgeblendet wird, wenn die Bearbeitungsdialoge (Dialogfelder) ausgeblendet werden (Tab).

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