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Preset Enhancements

Reported by: jphilipz Owned by: team
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I'm a new user to JOSM and do love the F3 key as it does save alot of time, but i would like to suggest some improvement to presets.

Enchanced Search

One possibility is that the dialog's main drop down menu values are also taken into consideration of the search (ex. 'Place of Worship' -> building type values, except for value 'yes'). Another possibility is to have an internal keywords field for each preset that has common keywords for each preset (ex. 'Place of Worship' -> keywords = church, mosque, temple | 'Convenience Store' -> keywords = grocery). I make this suggestion as when i started off using JOSM as a new user to OSM, not familiar with OSM's classification of things, i made mistakes on the map like placing supermarket entries instead of convenience store entries as i wasnt able to find grocery store in the preset. By doing this i believe that the learning curve can be improved for new users to OSM/JOSM and an enhanced search will benefit everyone.

Preset Default

It would be nice to be able to possibly have a checkbox or button in the preset dialog to set the dialog's default values to appear when the dialog appears (similar to how the 'Man Made/Man Made/Building' auto sets 'yes'). I say this as I am in the country where 98% of places of worship are mosques, and it would be nice to be able press F3, select 'Places of Worship' and just press enter.

It would be an enhancement to have relationships between drop down menu values, so that when one drop down value is set, other drop down menus are filtered from irrelavant entries (ex. if i select 'church' as building type in Place of Worship dialog, 'muslim' doesnt appear under religion and 'shia' and 'sunni' dont appear under denomination). This will also assist in people not putting in incorrect values.

More Presets

If the 'Preset Default' option mentioned above is added, this suggestion wouldnt be as crucial, but still would come in handy as you could only have one default preset per dialog. I believe a moderate amount of commonly used presets can easily be gathered from seeing more commonly used tags at or simply asking JOSM users to submit and vote for new ones. I personally would like to have presets for Facilities/Culture/Place of Worship/Mosque, Highways/Waypoints/Traffic Calming/Bump, Highways/Waypoints/Traffic Calming/Hump, Highways/Ways/Dedicated Footway/Bridge. Of course everyone's needs for additional presents will be different and I wouldnt want to burden the JOSM team to come up with all the possibilities, so maybe all users to have a user defined preset text file which then can modify, and formatted something like this.

Facilities/Culture/Place of Worship/Mosque

amentity = place_of_worship
building = mosque
religion = muslim

Highways/Waypoints/Traffic Calming/Hump*

traffic_calming = bump

The entries in the file would have to be defined as subentries of existent presets, so that the same dialog can be fired up. The second entry had a '*' at the end of the preset name which would tell the dialog not to appear (alternatively a 'prompt = no' can be used instead of this). Alternative to this, maybe an internal preset editor can be created.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by Don-vip

Owner: set to team

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

"More Presets": In my opinion, special presets (such as the ones you listed in "More Presets") are best done as preset extensions. You might be interested in Presets/OneClick which applies some tag combinations without a dialog.

"Drop Down Menu Relationships": This would be a huge implementation effort making the code for presets as well as the definition of presets more complex. If place_of_worship is the only preset that would benefit from such relationships, we might me better off when splitting the place_of_worship into adequate presets. To find erroneous combinations, we can easily add a validation rule (cf. trunk/data/tagchecker.cfg).

"Enhanced Search": Interesting suggestion. To mark keys/values in trunk/data/defaultpresets.xml, we might want to add an XML tag like in_search="true" to e.g. <combo key="building" text="Building type" values="cathedral,chapel,church,mosque,synagogue,temple" match="keyvalue" />.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by jphilipz

"More Presets": Yes Presets/OneClick will do the trick for me. Wish it could have been easier to find, so i'd like to suggest the addition of an 'Add More' entry be added to the 'Presets' file menu that would take people into the preferences/map settings/tagging presets, and possibly another entry called 'Make Your Own' that would link to < >.

"Drop Down Menu Relationships": Well place_of_worship was the only one that i came across in my limited working in JOSM, so i dont know if there are others that could benefit from this concept.

"Enhanced Search": Glad you found it interesting, but please do also consider the keyword part as that would help out things that arent found in the combos (and help the learning curve) but common in peoples vocabulary (ex. 'Convenience Store' -> keywords = grocery | 'Bridge' -> keywords = overpass, underpass | 'Kindergarten' -> keywords = nursery | 'Brothel' -> keywords = whore house).

"Preset Default": Any input on this idea?

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

"Preset Default": Some presets (e.g., street name in "Addresses") specify a use_last_as_default flag which indicates that the previously used value is filled into that field. Some fields of the place_of_worship could also be flagged in this sense.

"More Presets": "Add More", "Make Your Own" – nice suggestion!

"Drop Down Menu Relationships": I personally would put aside this improvement in favour of a less complex implementation. For place_of_worship we could offer separate presets for some common combinations (cf. iD's selection,

"Enhanced Search": A disadvantage of synonyms is that it increases the translation effort.

comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by jphilipz

"Preset Default": Now that i have onclick and writing my own new presets, default isnt as important to me, but i believe it will help others who dont want or are unable to create their own. Well just doing it to 'place_of_worship' helps only a specific dialog, when an across the board feature is more useful. As another example, I had my son working on drawing all the buildings in an area, and it went smoothly as he did selected Man Made/Building which always defaults to 'yes', but when he was doing a series of warehouses, he would always have to change drop down entry. This was just another example that i stumbled on during my work in JOSM, and believe everyone would have their own preferred default values on any given dialog.

"Enhanced Search": It isnt mandatory that everything needs to be translated, as some languages dont have multiple words describing the same object. Ultimately the point of search is to make things faster to find and if can be enhanced it should be, as today its hard to not see how useful 'did you mean:' and auto word correction are in search engines. The main problem is in OSM's limited definition of things, as i consider a convenience store a store at a gas station with a heavily limited range of items and would never call a grocery store a convenience store, and believe most would agree with that definition.

convenience store: Convenience stores usually charge higher prices than ordinary grocery stores or supermarkets, which they make up for with convenience by serving more locations and having shorter cashier lines. -

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

In 6425/josm:

see #9309 - presets: make selected combo/multiselect values searchable/findable via F3

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

In 6426/josm:

see #9309 - provide direct menu items to preset/imagery preferences

comment:8 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

  • "Enhanced Search": r6425; done?
  • "Preset Default": I wouldn't change the current behaviour. For the place_of_worship we could get separate presets – see #9381
  • "Drop Down Menu Relationships": the same
  • "More Presets": r6426; done?

comment:9 Changed 9 years ago by Don-vip

In 6432/josm:

fix #9381, fix #8877, see #9309 - Separate place_of_worship presets + add some missing denomination

comment:10 Changed 9 years ago by jphilipz

thank don-vip for the separate presets, but unfortunately each of them has 'nothing selected!' in the title of the dialog and nothing is selected in the drop downs.

comment:11 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

In 6439/josm:

see #9309 - presets: add missing documentation for XML attribute values_searchable (r6425)

comment:12 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

In 6508/josm:

see #9309 - fix matching of place_of_worship presets

comment:13 Changed 9 years ago by simon04

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

I would like to close this ticket since JOSM's shortcomings have been circumvented by adapting the defaultpresets.

comment:14 Changed 9 years ago by Don-vip

Milestone: 14.01

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