One click presets

The default presets of JOSM have grown over time and become more and more complicated. But in some situations the whole power is not needed.

The following is a set of presets which are used with a single click when stored in the toolbar. All of these don't open the preset dialog, but immediately set the required keys and values.

Specify the locations for Preset OneClick icons in the dialog at Edit / Preferences / Map Settings / Tagging Presets tab / Icon paths.

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The preset itself

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<presets xmlns=""
  author="Dirk Stöcker"
  shortdescription="One click settings"
  description="Some additional presets to use with a single click"
  de.description="Einige zusätzliche Vorlagen zur Nutzung mit einem Klick">

  <group name="One click""Ein Klick" icon="oneclick.svg">
    <item name="Oneway""Einbahnstraße" icon="oneway.svg" type="way">
      <key key="oneway" value="yes" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 30""Geschwindigkeit 30" icon="30.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="30" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 40""Geschwindigkeit 40" icon="40.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="40" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 50""Geschwindigkeit 50" icon="50.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="50" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 60""Geschwindigkeit 60" icon="60.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="60" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 70""Geschwindigkeit 70" icon="70.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="70" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 80""Geschwindigkeit 80" icon="80.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="80" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 90""Geschwindigkeit 90" icon="90.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="90" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 100""Geschwindigkeit 100" icon="100.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="100" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 110""Geschwindigkeit 110" icon="110.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="110" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 120""Geschwindigkeit 120" icon="120.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="120" />
    <item name="Maxspeed 130""Geschwindigkeit 130" icon="130.png" type="way">
      <key key="maxspeed" value="130" />
    <item name="Bridge" icon="presets/transport/bridge/bridge.svg" type="way">
      <key key="bridge" value="yes" />
      <key key="layer" value="1" />
    <item name="Tunnel" icon="presets/transport/passage/tunnel.svg" type="way">
      <key key="tunnel" value="yes" />
      <key key="layer" value="-1" />
    <item name="Culvert""Водопропускная труба" icon="presets/transport/passage/tunnel_culvert.svg" type="node,way">
      <key key="tunnel" value="culvert" />
      <key key="layer" value="-1" />
    <item name="Traffic Signal" icon="presets/vehicle/traffic_signals.svg" type="node">
      <key key="highway" value="traffic_signals" />
    <item name="Pedestrian Crossing" icon="presets/vehicle/crossing.svg" type="node">
      <key key="highway" value="crossing" />
    <item name="Post Box" icon="presets/service/post_box.svg" type="node">
      <key key="amenity" value="post_box" />
    <item name="Telephone" icon="presets/service/telephone.svg" type="node">
      <key key="amenity" value="telephone" />
    <item name="Recycling Container" icon="presets/service/recycling/recycling_container.svg" type="node,closedway">
      <key key="amenity" value="recycling" />
      <key key="recycling_type" value="container" />
    <item name="Bus stop platform node" icon="presets/transport/bus_small.svg" type="node">
      <key key="highway" value="bus_stop" />
      <key key="public_transport" value="platform" />
      <key key="bus" value="yes" />
    <item name="Tram stop platform node" icon="presets/transport/tram.svg" type="node">
      <key key="railway" value="tram_stop" />
      <key key="public_transport" value="platform" />
      <key key="tram" value="yes" />
    <item name="bicycle use sidepath" icon="presets/shop/bicycle.svg" type="way">
      <key key="bicycle" value="use_sidepath" />
      <key key="cycleway" value="" />
      <key key="cycleway:left" value="" />
      <key key="cycleway:right" value="" />


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