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(edit) @525   12 years (none) add some icons recently added
(edit) @524   12 years (none) recycling_small -> recycling
(edit) @523   12 years (none) use new icons for incline and airfield
(edit) @522   12 years gebner SearchCompiler: "nodes:n" searches for ways with n nodes.
(edit) @521   12 years gebner Fix NPE happening with malformed <bound> elements.
(edit) @520   12 years (none) sync with current map features page
(edit) @519   12 years (none) update to latest map features and icons
(edit) @518   12 years gebner Remove the unnerving plugin auto-delete when initialization fails.
(edit) @517   12 years gebner SearchCompiler: Report errors.
(edit) @516   12 years gebner SaveActionBase: Append extension to file name instead of replacing it.
(edit) @515   12 years gebner SearchCompiler: Allow searching for user names.
(edit) @514   12 years gebner SearchCompiler: Fix the Incomplete matcher.
(edit) @513   12 years gebner Implement a recursive-descent parser for SearchCompiler.
(edit) @512   12 years gebner Add support for two non-standard GPX variants: - <link>URL</link> …
(edit) @511   12 years framm - modified NameVisitor to show a relation's name tag (or ref tag if no …
(edit) @510   12 years framm - fix bug that would not properly overwrite existing files, as …
(edit) @509   12 years gebner Fix parsing of Plugins.xml
(edit) @508   12 years gebner Export name tags as <name> elements in GPX.
(edit) @507   12 years gebner Fix compile.
(edit) @506   12 years gebner MapView: add MapMover, MapSlider, MapScaler only after initialization.
(edit) @505   12 years gebner NameVisitor: Name incomplete primitives, add number of nodes to ways.
(edit) @504   12 years gebner Don't do hacky string mangling to get a URL from a File.
(edit) @503   12 years (none) add place=locality
(edit) @502   12 years gebner SelectAction: When complaining about moving nodes outsides the world, …
(edit) @501   12 years gebner DeleteAction: Also delete nodes if they're currently referenced by …
(edit) @500   12 years gebner Fix ConcurrentModificationException in DeleteAction. Note: Don't …
(edit) @499   12 years gebner SimplePaintVisitor: Fix segment number rendering.
(edit) @498   12 years gebner Remove unused member OsmPrimitive.shown.
(edit) @497   12 years gebner When toggling wireframe mode, don't fail if there is no MapFrame yet.
(edit) @496   12 years gebner MergeVisitor: Only parse dates if needed. Reported by Petr Nejedly.
(edit) @495   12 years gebner When deleting a way, delete untagged and unused nodes reference by it …
(edit) @494   12 years gebner GpxLayer: provide a more sensible tooltip text.
(edit) @493   12 years gebner Offscreen filtering; draw direction arrows on selection. Patch by Petr …
(edit) @492   12 years (none) remove icons dir and replace it with a link to share/map-icons (second …
(edit) @491   12 years (none) remove icons dir and replace it with a link to share/map-icons (first part)
(edit) @490   12 years gebner MergeVisitor.match: Only match objects by content if they're not …
(edit) @489   12 years gebner Reset the progress bar in the PleaseWaitDialog before downloading.
(edit) @488   12 years gebner Change the shortcut for wireframe mode to ctrl-w so that it doesn't …
(edit) @487   12 years gebner Add a JScrollPane to fit all the plugins in the about dialog.
(edit) @486   12 years framm - built-in mappaint. mappaint plugin no longer required and will be …
(edit) @485   12 years gebner When splitting ways, don't complain if the nodes are used by deleted ways.
(edit) @484   13 years tabacha put some strings e.g. status bar messages in tr() to translate it
(edit) @483   13 years gebner OsmDataLayer: check for OsmPrimitive.keys == null
(edit) @482   13 years framm - do not create empty MarkerLayers; suggestion from Dave Hansen
(edit) @481   13 years gebner Oops. Or-expressions do short-circuiting, so you'd better not reverse …
(edit) @480   13 years (none) switch back to former Epsg4326 projection default after some …
(edit) @479   13 years gebner Simplify the merge visitor.
(edit) @478   13 years gebner Speed up merging. - Don't scan our dataset for every primitive we …
(edit) @477   13 years gebner EastNorth.add
(edit) @476   13 years gebner Add equals and hashCode implementations to the projections.
(edit) @475   13 years (none) seems to be common sense that Mercator projection is better suited for …
(edit) @474   13 years (none) fix bug #480: change the button texts of the plugin preferences
(edit) @473   13 years (none) fix bug #480: add some more reasonable defaults: - add some of the …
(edit) @472   13 years framm fix for presets.xml by christoph eckert
(edit) @471   13 years (none) fix the string for the Windows "look and feel"
(edit) @470   13 years framm - set Windows L+F as default when generating prefs under windows
(edit) @469   13 years gebner Remove ctrl+shift escapes from most actions.
(edit) @468   13 years gebner Define the extra 'u' shortcut for unselect all in UnselectAllAction …
(edit) @467   13 years gebner NameVisitor: handle incomplete nodes
(edit) @466   13 years (none) move "Join node to way" function from UtilsPlugin to core
(edit) @465   13 years framm modified presets by christoph eckert <ce@…>: removed …
(edit) @464   13 years (none) a doubleclick on the layer entry hides/shows it
(edit) @463   13 years (none) some more minor menu changes: - Edit/Redo should use the common …
(edit) @462   13 years (none) remove the unused "Layer" menu - this confuses when plugins add top …
(edit) @461   13 years (none) fix bug #481: replace highway=minor with highway=tertiary in the presets
(edit) @460   13 years (none) make the menu look more like the standard JAVA menu: - add a …
(edit) @459   13 years (none) fix bug #426: tick the checkbox in the download dialog for …
(edit) @458   13 years (none) add keyboard shortcuts "1,2,3,4" for the "View/Zoom In ..." menu entries
(edit) @457   13 years framm - comment cosmetics
(edit) @456   13 years framm - make coordinate class serializable (for use in wmsplugin)
(edit) @455   13 years gebner SelectAction: Replace the selection when dragging a previously …
(edit) @454   13 years gebner SelectAction: Fix shift-select and ctrl-select. Before r452 if you …
(edit) @453   13 years gebner DeleteAction: Copy tags when splitting ways.
(edit) @452   13 years framm - fix moving of selected groups of objects (JOSM always cleared …
(edit) @451   13 years gebner Typo in presets: s/cemetary/cemetery/
(edit) @450   13 years (none) "usability cleanup" of main menu and default toolbar main menu: - add …
(edit) @449   13 years gebner GpxReader: Handle <extensions> that are not children of <gpx>
(edit) @448   13 years gebner Add images/converttogpx.png
(edit) @447   13 years gebner Reduce GPX data memory usage.
(edit) @446   13 years framm - temporarily re-add RawGpsLayer for those plugins still requiring it
(edit) @445   13 years (none) make sure that builds target the VM version 1.5
(edit) @444   13 years framm - patch for better GPX file support by Raphael Mack …
(edit) @443   13 years framm - fix minor build problem with ServerSidePreferences after r442
(edit) @442   13 years gebner Don't reset prefs to default when encountering parsing errors.
(edit) @441   13 years framm - revert change 439. do not use Java properties.
(edit) @440   13 years framm - (re-)added "note" to the list of uninteresting tags for teh benefit …
(edit) @439   13 years gebner Use java.util.Properties for pref loading and saving.
(edit) @438   13 years gebner Remove 'note' from the list of uninteresting tags.
(edit) @437   13 years gebner Fix selection inconsistencies in DrawMode
(edit) @436   13 years framm - wrongly applied Karl Newman's patch; fixed now.
(edit) @435   13 years framm - add a call for download area selection classes to close the download …
(edit) @434   13 years (none) fix a comment typo
(edit) @433   13 years framm - patch by Karl Newman <siliconfiend@…> to change behaviour of …
(edit) @432   13 years framm - fix Java 1.5 compile problem
(edit) @431   13 years gebner Make the applet code work again.
(edit) @430   13 years gebner Remove empty "dummy" files.
(edit) @429   13 years gebner Add a generic pair class.
(edit) @428   13 years gebner Apply changes from CombineWayAction to MergeNodesAction.
(edit) @427   13 years gebner CollectBackReferencesVisitor: Don't count deleted relations as reference.
(edit) @426   13 years gebner Allow to combine ways with different memberships.
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