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Задопомоги цих параметрів ви можете активувати тільки потрібні вам тести. Типово увімкненими є тести, що перевіряють на наявність помилок та надають попередження.

Виконуються наступні перевірки:

Тест Опис Що робити
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Duplicated nodesChecks that there are no nodes in the very same locationMerge the nodes into only one, adding the properties from all nodes to the merged one
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Duplicated way nodesChecks that ways contain no loop edges (i.e., a single step from a node to itself)Split the way, and delete the way consisting of the loop edge.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Reversed coastline: land not on left sideChecks for coastlines that are not counter-clockwise or that are otherwise misplaced (coastline misused as inland lake)Reverse coastline
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Unconnected coastline: coastline ways do not form closed loopsChecks for coastlines ways that are not connected to the end of other coastline ways
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Unordered coastline: coastline ways are not connected start-to-endChecks for coastline ways of which either the start is not connected to the end of another coastline or the end is not connected to the start of another coastlineReverse coastline
source:/trunk/images/data/error.pngIncomplete waysChecks for ways with zero or only one nodeRemoves the way
Check property keysChecks misspelled property keys. See the words.cfg for file of misspelled property keysReplace wrong key with right one
Check property valuesChecks misspelled property values. Uses the tagging presets file for checkingCorrect spelling
Empty propertiesChecks for properties with empty valuesRemove the empty properties
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Crossing waysChecks for ways (with highway/railway/waterway tags) that crosses in same layer with no crossing nodeAdd appropriate layer (and possibly bridge or tunnel)
Unordered waysChecks that all segments in a way are properly orderedReorder the way
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Overlapping (high)waysChecks for two (high)ways that share the same nodesRemove the double (high)way
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Self-intersecting waysCheck if a way crosses itselfRemove the self-crossing, remove overlapping parts or split way
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Similar named waysChecks for ways with very similar names, possibly a typoFix names or ignore false warning
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Unclosed waysChecks that way types, which should be closed really are closedClose unclosed ways
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Untagged waysChecks for untagged waysEither describe them correctly or remove ways when useless
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Way end node near other highway End point of a way is very near to other ways Connect the ways or when really unconnected set a 'noexit' tag to prevent further warnings
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Style for outer way mismatchesWithin a multipolygon relation, one of the tags of the relation and the outer ways is shared but with different valuesCopy relation related tags to the relation itself
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Style for inner way equals multipolygonWithin a multipolygon relation, one of the tags of the relation and the outer ways is shared and has the same valueRemove tag from inner way
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png FIXMESChecks for any property with the word "FIXME" insideResolve the mentioned issue
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Highway without a referenceChecks if there is a [[Key:ref|ref tag]] for highways that are tagged tertiary. Not always required, see for instance [[NL:Map_Features#Wegen]]Add ref property or ignore
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Key 'x' invalid. - ...Check for illegal key combinations, names and similar issuesFix the issue when possible
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Nodes with the same nameCheck if two nodes have equal nameJoin nodes when possible, ignore otherwise
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Overlapping areasChecks if areas overlapRemove overlapping only when really wrong.
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Unknown propery valueChecks for proper use of tagsRemove or change incorrectly used tag
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Untagged and unconnected nodesChecks rogue nodesDelete unused nodes when they have no further tags
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png No style in multipolygon relationThe multipolygon relation is missing a tag describing what it representsFor a building, add building=yes to the relation etc.

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