This preset designed for quick adding tags by click on toolbar. It contains groups with presets for national speed limits zones.

At present supported:

  • RU

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The preset itself

<presets xmlns=""
        shortdescription="Maxspeed zones"
        description="National speed limits zones"

        <group name="Maxspeed zones" icon="rural-speedzone.png">
                <group name="Russia""Россия" icon="ru.png">
                        <item name="Living street""Жилая зона" icon="living_street-speedzone.png" type="way,closedway">
                                <key key="maxspeed" value="RU:living_street" />

                        <item name="Rural""Вне населённых пунктов" icon="rural-speedzone.png" type="way,closedway">
                                <key key="maxspeed" value="RU:rural" />

                        <item name="Urban""Населённый пункт" icon="urban-speedzone.png" type="way,closedway">
                                <key key="maxspeed" value="RU:urban" />

                        <item name="Motorway""Автомагистраль" icon="motorway-speedzone.png" type="way,closedway">
                                <key key="maxspeed" value="RU:motorway" />


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