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Functionality of reordering in detail, headings

Reorder Imagery Layers

Reorders the non-overlay imagery layers to switch quickly from one to another without mouse action. This is useful to detect differences between imageries of different date, as shown below.

Accessible from:

  • "Imagery" menu as "Reorder Imagery Layers" item.
  • This key on your keyboard (see below for details):


Language Country Layout Key Name
English U.S QWERTY ` Grave accent
English U.S International QWERTY ` Grave accent (dead key)
English International (Apple) QWERTY § Section sign
French France, Belgium AZERTY ² Superscript Two
French Canada (French) QWERTY # Number sign
German Austria, Germany QWERTZ ^ Circumflex (dead key)

Functionality of reordering in detail

  • The first layer moves to the end of the list and all other layers move one line up.
  • Layers which are overlays are no longer moved as soon as they reach the top of the list. Overlay layers are specified by overlay="true" in the XML code.

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