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Reorders the non-overlay imagery layers to switch quickly from one to another without mouse action. This is useful to e.g. detect differences between imageries of different date, as shown below.


The shortcut symbol depends on your operating system and the keyboard layout in use but it is mostly the same key, left of 1 and above TAB.

Language Country Layout Key Name
English U.S QWERTY ` Grave accent
English U.S International QWERTY ` Grave accent (dead key)
English International (Apple) QWERTY § Section sign
French France, Belgium AZERTY ² Superscript Two
French Canada (French) QWERTY # Number sign
German Austria, Germany QWERTZ ^ Circumflex (dead key)

Functionality of reordering in detail

  • The first layer moves to the end of the list and all other layers move one line up.
  • Layers which are overlays are no longer moved as soon as they reach the top of the list. Overlay layers are specified by overlay="true" in the XML code.

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