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Tools > Merge Nodes

source:trunk/images/mergenodes.png Keyboard shortcut: M

Merge the currently selected nodes into one node.

Note: There is also a merge nodes function associated with the Select Move tool.


Can't merge because way still in use

The nodes you merge may be part of ways. If you merge them these "parent" ways may loose one or more of their nodes. In some cases the number of nodes left in these ways may drop below 2. Ways with less than 2 nodes don't make sense and JOSM tries to delete them.

In some cases, though, a way to be deleted could still be in use, for instance, because a relation is referring to it. JOSM aborts merging nodes in these cases. Instead, it displays the following warning message:

Click on Abort Merging to close the dialog. The selected nodes are not merged.

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