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#19648 [patch] Show warning on invalid MapCSS validator rule parsing Core enhancement team new 2020-08-07
#20787 [PATCH] ColorPlugin: failed to locate image 'cancel.png' Plugin ColorPlugin defect maneasa.andrei@… reopened 2021-04-22
#14361 Support for image/webp for WMTS satellite imagery? Core imagery defect team reopened 2017-02-13
#22065 [RFC PATCH] add a possibility to add and remove from selection in lasso and rect mode Core enhancement team new 2022-05-13
#21813 [Patch] Improve marker handling in sessions Core tested enhancement team new 2022-01-30
#22048 building=construction preset missing some values Internal preset enhancement team new 2022-05-01
#20025 [PATCH] Changeset tag `created_by` added to all uploads without informing the user Plugin reverter defect Upliner new 2020-11-03
#21826 [WIP patch] Upcoming API 0.6 change: limit maximum number of relation members Core enhancement team new 2022-02-02
#22080 [RFC PATCH] UploadHooks modifyChangesetTags should be called prior to showing the user the upload dialog for non-late hooks Core defect team new 2022-05-18
#21902 [PATCH] IAE: Listener was not registered before: LayerChangeAdapter Plugin areaselector defect team new 2022-03-01
#22053 Windows installer shows no success message Installer Windows defect team new 2022-05-05
#22078 Localized names should be in Traditional and Simplified Chinese Core enhancement team new 2022-05-18
#21980 [PATCH] NPE in org.openstreetmap.josm.plugins.areaselector.preferences.PreferencesPanel.readPreferences Plugin areaselector defect team new 2022-03-30
#22076 Detail extension in the address preset Internal preset latest enhancement team new 2022-05-17
#22041 ACE: ImageProvider.getIfAvailableZip Core latest defect mycota needinfo 2022-04-27
#22069 Website without protocol Core validator tested defect team new 2022-05-15
#21976 Network error when uploading Core defect team new 2022-03-28
#21227 [WIP PATCH] Too many autocomplete suggestions for roles in relation editor Core enhancement team new 2021-08-18
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 17 migration Core enhancement Don-vip assigned 2019-06-26
#22067 Add fuzzy string matching for search menu items action Core enhancement team new 2022-05-14
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