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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#23611 Support a key without `=*` in the Overpass query wizard Core enhancement team new 11 hours ago
#23612 Comments in the Overpass query wizard output Core defect team new 11 hours ago
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 17 migration Core enhancement Don-vip assigned 5 years ago
#21930 [PATCH] Support new conditional parking lane tagging in validator Core validator defect team new 2 years ago
#23610 Can't get any imagery tiles from wmts provider in Windows 11 Core imagery tested defect team new 2 days ago
#23552 JOSM from the Microsoft Store is not the latest version Installer Windows defect team new 4 weeks ago
#23555 Replace geometry update Core enhancement team new 4 weeks ago
#21881 [patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways Core validator enhancement team new 2 years ago
#23370 `URL` constructors are deprecated Core defect Divyanshu_Agarwal_009 new 4 months ago
#23374 Delete Cached file in case of error Core imagery defect team new 4 months ago
#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop Core latest defect team reopened 2 years ago
#23482 [PATCH] optimize the space in the history view (column width) and consider adding line wrapping Core defect team new 8 weeks ago
#23290 [PATCH] Validate the regions a tag is expected to be in Core enhancement team reopened 5 months ago
#23286 Move JOSM plugins without maintainer back to JOSM-Plugins-SVN (GitHub SVN support ends) Core task team new 5 months ago
#22669 IAE when replacing polygon geometry Plugin utilsplugin2 defect anonymous needinfo 15 months ago
#19442 add heic format support for photos Plugin enhancement team new 4 years ago
#22164 No reaction to any key press Core defect team new 22 months ago
#23606 Investigate MSIX packaging for Windows Installer Windows enhancement team new 4 days ago
#23600 Replace `macos-14` with `macos-latest` in GitHub actions for building mac release files Installer MacOS defect taylor.smock assigned 8 days ago
#23602 impossible d'exécuter un fichier script Core defect anonymous needinfo 7 days ago
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