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#21691 Group inside group not properly allocated within the menu Core enhancement team new 2021-12-22
#22988 Preset Icon Size Core enhancement team new 2023-06-04
#21498 Add an option to switch between 360 viewer and equirectangular viewer when a 360 image is visualized Core image mapping enhancement team new 2021-11-02
#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop Core latest defect team reopened 2022-02-12
#22845 [PATCH] EDT violation when fixing UntaggedNode errors when no download bounds exist (overpass) Core defect team new 2023-03-26
#22948 [Patch] Add text box shortcut: ctrl+shift+z to redo Core enhancement team new 2023-05-12
#10101 Improve JOSM performances with large datasets Core enhancement team new 2014-06-05
#21881 [WIP patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways Core validator enhancement team new 2022-02-20
#22985 mapcss "area" rule: inconsistency asserts and validator Core validator defect team new 2023-06-03
#22967 NullPointerException on Overpass download with "out ids/tags center" Core defect team new 2023-05-26
#22984 Empty msgbox when message.notifier.enabled & API communication failed Core tested enhancement team new 2023-06-02
#10474 Scaling of fill-image Core mappaint tested enhancement team new 2014-09-03
#11487 [WIP PATCH] Have josm render data to tiles Core mappaint enhancement team reopened 2015-05-26
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