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#20310 [Patch] ImageImporter should understand web URL's Core remotecontrol enhancement team reopened 2020-12-28
#17154 [Patch] Access restriction: permit Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-12-30
#20433 Imagery Integration tests Unit tests task Don-vip assigned 2021-01-27
#20079 Please add boundary=marker into "Add tag" dialogue Internal preset enhancement team new 2020-11-14
#20577 Add shop=general Internal preset enhancement team new 2021-03-08
#20426 Request preset for emergency_bay Internal preset enhancement team new 2021-01-25
#20576 Placeholder way not found for reference Core defect netjook needinfo 2021-03-08
#20046 Update start page link macOS download link Installer MacOS task stoecker new 2020-11-07
#5060 Add nodes by heading/distance. Core enhancement team new 2010-05-22
#18850 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after undoing adding additional node Plugin ImproveWay defect kolesar new 2020-03-03
#20126 Migrate GitHub mirroring script to josm.openstreetmap.de server Trac task team assigned 2020-11-21
#20575 Map Coordinates in "Terrain2STL" Doesn't Match Map Coordinates in Google Earth unspecified tested defect team new 2021-03-08
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 11 migration Core enhancement Don-vip assigned 2019-06-26
#20573 [WIP Patch] Search preferences dialog Core enhancement Bjoeni assigned 2021-03-07
#20564 Buildings tool shows wrong cursor icon Plugin buildings_tools defect Solarspot new 2021-03-04
#17673 OpenStreetCam: ClassNotFoundException: java.sql.Time Plugin openstreetcam latest defect jBeata new 2019-05-03
#20572 Overflowing text labels in the corner of the display Core mappaint defect team new 2021-03-06
#19199 [PATCH] There should be some way to determine how many nodes are superflous in a way Core enhancement GerdP new 2020-05-08
#20569 False positive finding on wash trails Core validator defect team new 2021-03-06
#20242 Validator: False positive for last stop does not match last way with roundtrip Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh new 2020-12-15
#20568 potentially wrong validator warnings on PTv2 relations for first/last segments of bus routes Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh new 2021-03-06
#20570 [Patch] waterway=riverbank handled differently from natural=water + water=river in validator overlap findings Core defect GerdP assigned 2021-03-06
#20560 Validator: false-negative Test on street name "descriptive name" [Patch] Core validator defect GerdP assigned 2021-03-04
#20566 Changed Notes don't always upload when quitting JOSM Core notes tested defect team new 2021-03-05
#18372 Notes description does not fit in box (sometimes) Core notes tested defect team reopened 2019-12-01
#19419 Warn about multiple access values. Core validator enhancement skyper new 2020-06-19
#19585 IAE: Width and height must be >= 0 (Metal look-and-feel on Linux) Core defect team new 2020-07-27
#20563 PluginListParser.parse amounts to 80% of allocations during startup Core defect team new 2021-03-04
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor Core latest defect team new 2018-03-20
#16482 assign role platform to highway=bus_stop, highway=platform and railway=platform members Core enhancement team new 2018-07-12
#17363 Changing selection outside relation editor selects all instances of a duplicated member inside editor Core defect team new 2019-02-21
#20559 Improve text "House number without street" Core validator enhancement team new 2021-03-04
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