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#17363 Changing selection outside relation editor selects all instances of a duplicated member inside editor Core defect team new 2019-02-21
#17358 mapcss regular expression matches for key Core defect team new 2019-02-20
#17360 Mapillary Plug-in and Output Issues Plugin mapillary defect floscher new 2019-02-20
#17357 Crash while terracing building Plugin terracer latest defect team new 2019-02-19
#6518 select and edit actions performed in inactive layer. Core latest defect team new 2011-06-27
#17356 GUI should announce the Edit Layer similar to the Active layer Core latest enhancement team new 2019-02-19
#16857 Set up gitlab unspecified enhancement team new 2018-10-20
#17350 Autosave makes JOSM think layer is saved Core defect team new 2019-02-17
#17346 IAE: Window must not be zero Core latest defect team new 2019-02-15
#16553 "failed to remove primitive" after upload Core defect team new 2018-08-02
#17353 SEVERE: NaN in greatCircleDistance Core latest defect team new 2019-02-17
#17354 relation panel dont shows all relations in revert sometimes Plugin reverter tested defect Upliner new 2019-02-18
#17355 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node with id 1 802 869 919" Plugin reverter defect Upliner new 2019-02-18
#17231 Server update Core task team new 2019-01-22
#12067 Dragging layer list items needs two clicks Core latest enhancement team new 2015-11-05
#5515 Single Key Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers Core shortcuts enhancement jttt reopened 2010-09-29
#17072 The image viewer for Geotagged images should not clear between pictures Core image mapping latest defect team new 2018-12-04
#17339 false positive "Sudden highway type change" External rule defect abalosc1 assigned 2019-02-14
#17311 IllegalStateException: "Recursive update" while opening GPX file Core latest defect simon04 new 2019-02-10
#17352 Plugin elevation profile causes crash when downloading gps data from osm server Plugin elevationprofile tested defect OliverW new 2019-02-17
#13843 Not properly loading attributes from multipart objects Plugin opendata defect naoliv reopened 2016-10-23
#17341 Better ways to already translated Help content unspecified enhancement team new 2019-02-15
#17349 IAE: "Parameter 'data' must not be null" at Address.addStreetNameOrRelation Plugin cadastre-fr defect Don-vip new 2019-02-16
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