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#20418 What about gamification Core enhancement team new 2021-01-23
#20416 Download (incomplete) members: Cancel does not work and timeouts while download relation with members works Core defect GerdP assigned 2021-01-22
#20287 Characters such as "+" trigger spurious validator error in brand:wikipedia Plugin wikipedia tested defect floscher new 2020-12-23
#18589 Show wikimedia_commons as GeoImageLayer Plugin wikipedia enhancement floscher new 2020-01-20
#20412 Sorting does not work correctly in Conflation plugin Plugin conflation defect Tyndare new 2021-01-21
#20407 Enable opening of other JOSM supported formats via remote control's import command Core remotecontrol enhancement team new 2021-01-19
#17184 Memory Leaks Core defect GerdP reopened 2019-01-08
#20341 [Patch] Support more image formats Core image mapping enhancement team new 2021-01-02
#6128 Resolving node conflicts as "deleted" is broken Core tested defect bilbo needinfo 2011-03-20
#20405 History browser for complex relations requires lots of memory Core enhancement team new 2021-01-19
#6980 no horizonzal scrollbars in conflict resolution Core latest defect team new 2011-10-19
#20385 NPE at turnlanes.model.Validator.validateTurns Plugin turnlanes latest defect team new 2021-01-13
#20409 Got an error dialog the first time that I started to use JOSM Core tested defect anonymous needinfo 2021-01-20
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh new 2021-01-20
#1981 rotate map view Core latest enhancement team new 2009-01-07
#20406 Command Line Help: Update and additions Core latest defect team new 2021-01-19
#19982 tram_crossing and tram_level_crossing Internal preset enhancement team new 2020-10-22
#20030 Add support for HDPI imagery Core imagery enhancement team new 2020-11-03
#18848 Provide a way to override overzoom Core imagery enhancement team new 2020-03-03
#20035 Geotagged images are pixelated on retina display [patch] Core image mapping defect team new 2020-11-04
#20396 Download only MapWith AI data (after too large an area) crash Plugin mapwithai defect anonymous needinfo 2021-01-15
#19535 Crash when reloading in the relation editor Core defect josm@… needinfo 2020-07-14
#20403 Relation editor: Enable select relation button of new relation once it is saved Core enhancement team new 2021-01-18
#19268 Relation editor: No option to save a new created relation but closing the relation editor Core enhancement team new 2020-05-20
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member Core latest defect team new 2015-06-23
#20014 Tiles constantly reloading Core imagery latest defect team new 2020-11-01
#20362 information=board --> ask board:title instead of name Internal preset enhancement team new 2021-01-07
#17606 [Patch] piste:type validation improvement Core validator enhancement team new 2019-04-14
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