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#16414 Validation misses tag combination `highway=footway` and `area=yes` Core validator enhancement team new 2018-06-21
#16400 continuosDownload want JOSM version 13.927. Plugin continuosDownload tested defect team new 2018-06-17
#16413 Area selector plugin crash Plugin areaselector defect team new 2018-06-21
#16405 French map entry Loire Atlantique 2016 External imagery source defect corentinlemaitre@… reopened 2018-06-19
#16412 [PATCH] update tower:type values Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-06-21
#16408 JOSM is reloading multiple times a modified validation file Core enhancement team new 2018-06-20
#16411 Adds a new utils2plugin action, tool menu item and shortcut to copy features with parent relations [patch] Plugin utilsplugin2 tested enhancement team new 2018-06-20
#16406 [PATCH] Update government types in office=government preset Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-06-19
#16409 Not rendering some office=* types Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-06-20
#16403 Cannot enter values in "add value?" box Core latest defect maarten needinfo 2018-06-19
#16404 highway=cycleway+foot=yes renders as footway Internal mappaint style latest defect hjart needinfo 2018-06-19
#16123 External Imagery/Styles/Presets/Plugins/Rules https External imagery source task team new 2018-03-24
#16398 JOSM compatible with java 8 only? Not 8+? Core tested defect team new 2018-06-16
#16304 java 10 compatibility Plugin kendzi3d defect kendzi needinfo 2018-05-22
#16401 Mouse issue Core defect yakovm@… needinfo 2018-06-18
#16047 Add compatibility with Java 11 Core enhancement team new 2018-03-04
#16301 Add filter and icon for map types Core imagery enhancement team new 2018-05-20
#16395 Warning/test for possible wrong lanes count Core validator enhancement team reopened 2018-06-15
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