Plugins hosted external

This contains the list of external plugin hyperlinks.

It is parsed at 10-minute intervals and is used to update the plugin list.

NOTE: Only HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported. The last element of the link must be the name of the JAR file without any extensions. Additional text after the link in the same line is not allowed.

Adding some hint to reach the maintainer for a link is helpful in case of trouble, otherwise links can be disabled without notice in case of problems with the plugin!

Valid Plugins

by kendzi

For issues with the following plugins, please contact osm user kendzi

by Taylor Smock

For issues with the following plugins, please contact Taylor Smock (vorpalblade77-kaart/vorpalblade on OSM).

by Grab

The sources for the plugins by Grab are located at, respectively

by Gubaer

by qeef

by hvzsr

by Jamalek

by Ubipo

Disabled Plugins


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