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    88== Interface ==
    9 [[Image(josm-screen-commented2.png)]]
    11 The **[wikitr:/Help/Menu Main Menu]** and its submenus
     10The **[wikitr:/Help/Menu Main menu]** offers under
    1211[wikitr:/Help/Menu/File File],
    1312[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Edit Edit],
    2019[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Audio Audio] and
    2120[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Help Help]
    22 offer all actions possible in JOSM.
    23 A [wikitr:/Help/Action/SearchMenuItems search for menu items] finds every action.
    24 The **[wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main Toolbar]** has buttons for actions and presets.
    25 The sidebar called **[wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs]** has panels for selected elements.
    26 The **[wikitr:/Help/StatusBar Status Bar]** informs about the drawing position.
    27 The **[wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar Edit Toolbar]** is divided. The lower buttons are for the panels in the sidebar.
    28 Most important are the buttons in the upper part. They choose the different ''Working modes''.
     21all actions possible in JOSM.
     22A search finds every [wikitr:/Help/Action/SearchMenuItems menu item].
    30 The main working area is the **[wikitr:/Help/MapView Map View]**.
    31 Here new [wikitr:Help/Concepts/Object objects] can be created if the ''Draw mode'' was set before.
    32 The ''Select mode'' is for moving existing objects and for choosing them into the [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/SelectionList#Selection Selection].
    33 More modes exist.
     24On the **[wikitr:/Help/MapView Map view]** all mouse clicks depend on the [wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar#Workingmodes Working mode] previously entered.
     25New [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object objects] are created in ''Draw mode''.
     26In other modes objects are [wikitr:/Help/Action/Select selected] and edited.
    35 Further dialogs
     28 * The **[wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main Toolbar]** has buttons for actions and presets,
     29 * while the panels in the sidebar called **[wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs]** inform about the [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/SelectionList#Selection Selection],
     30 * the **[wikitr:/Help/StatusBar Status Bar]** shows the drawing position and
     31 * the Working mode is controlled in the  **[wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar Edit Toolbar]**.
     32  Therefore the buttons in its upper part are the most **important elements** on the screen.
     34||  **[wikitr:/Help/Menu Main menu]**  ||  **[wikitr:/Help/MapView Map view]**  ||  **[wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main toolbar]**  ||
     35|||||| [[Image(MenuBarsMapview.png)]] ||
     36||  **[wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar Edit toolbar]**  ||  **[wikitr:/Help/StatusBar Statusbar]**  ||  **[wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs]**  ||
     40All screen elements have an own [wikitr:/Help/Action/Help help context] in JOSM.
     41Further dialogs not shown here
    3642for setting [wikitr:/Help/Action/Preferences Preferences],
    3743for managing [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/ChangesetManager Changesets],
    4551== See also ==
    46 The power of JOSM lays in its flexibility to allow every user to download, create, publish and share:
    47 * [wikitr:/Presets Presets] to create map objects fast and easy
     52The power of JOSM lays in its flexibility to allow every user to download, create and publish:
     53* [wikitr:/Presets Presets] to create a rich map with common objects types,
    4854* [wikitr:/Rules Rules] to tag according to guidelines,
    4955* [wikitr:/Styles Styles] to change the way the maps are painted,
    5561Sometimes even faster than the speed of writing documentation, so you are invited to contribute here to keep the docs up to date and translated.
    57 {{{#!comment
    58 == JOSM error messages ==
    59 * [wiki:Help/ErrorMessages Error messages]
    60 }}}
    6364Here is [wiki:/Help Main Help]