• Located in Download Data: Download arbitrary data (non-cropped at this time) in the Download from MapWithAI API tab -- note that you cannot download multiple MapWithAI layers
  • Located in data menu
    • MapWithAI: Download data: Download MapWithAI data from the current download area (if more than one layer, a dialog will ask for a layer to be selected). This is dependent upon configured URLs (defaults to MapWithAI).
    • MapWithAI: Download arbitrary data (expert mode only): Download MapWithAI data inside an arbitrary bounding box, optionally cropping to the bounding box. The bounding box defaults to the current map view. This is also dependent upon configured URLs.
    • MapWithAI: Add selected data: Add the selected data from the MapWithAI data layer to a OSM Data Layer
    • MapWithAI: Attempt to merge potentially duplicate ways (expert mode only): Attempt to merge potentially duplicate ways. Done automatically for MapWithAI data, but is available for other uses (may or may not work as expected).
  • Remote Control
  • Upload Hooks
    • mapwithai: The count of OSM objects added and still present from the MapWithAI layer (splits and deletions may cause this to be inaccurate)
    • mapwithai:options: A semi-colon (;) separated list of non-default options
      • version: The version of the MapWithAI plugin. Added in case there is a severe bug so it can be blacklisted.
      • task: The bounding box for a task, if one is detected
      • maxadd: The maximum number of MapWithAI objects that are permitted to be added per operation. <1 allows any number of objects to be added.
      • url: Shows non-default urls. Always the last mapwithai:option.
  • PaintStyle
    • Automatically added by the plugin
    • Can be automatically toggled on/off with the MapWithAI layer (this requires the MapWithAI plugin)
    • Can show new, modified, or pre-existing MapWithAI data (depends upon the source tag).
  • Live counter of objects added with MapWithAI
  • Preferences
    • Set MapWithAI url(s)
    • Choose whether or not MapWithAI automatically switches layers
    • Choose how many features you want to add per action
    • Choose whether or not to merge buildings with address nodes (note: this only applies to buildings that will have one and only one address inside it)
    • Change tags (expert mode only) that you want to be replaced. For example, highway=residential can become disused:highway=road.



  1. see Help/Preferences/Plugins for details)

Paintstyle (Plugin should automatically add and enable it)

  1. Start JOSM
  2. Open JOSM Preferences
  3. Go to Map Settings (the globe with a grid over it)
  4. Go to Map Paint Styles
  5. Add MapWithAI from the Available style list
  6. Press OK


Basic Usage

Please note that the screen shots were taken with Expert Mode checked in JOSM preferences. You may not see all the actions available without that check, the missing actions may be buggy or for a niche audience.

  1. Download an area of interest (either through a tasking manager or through the standard download window)
  2. Download data from MapWithAI by going to Data -> MapWithAI: Download Data (default keyboard shortcut is ctrl + r / cmd + r, will conflict with a LiveGPSPlugin shortcut).

Download Data

  1. Switch to the MapWithAI layer if it is not already selected
  2. Select an object or objects to add
  3. Add the object by going to Data -> MapWithAI: Add selected data (default keyboard shortcut is shift + a)

Add selected data

Advanced Usage


MapWithAI Preferences are currently under JOSM Preferences -> Plugins -> MapWithAI.

Preference Explanation Expert Mode
API URLs URLs for MapWithAI service (if blank, resets to default after JOSM restart) no
Automatically switch layers if checked, when adding data switch layers automatically (default yes) no
Maximum features (add) The maximum number of features that can be added from the MapWithAI Layer in one action (default 5) no
Merge address nodes and buildings Merges buildings added from the MapWithAI layer with building nodes (default yes) no
Table of replacement tags Table of keys to replace (default is empty) yes

The table of replacement tags tags key and value entries in the format of key=TAG=VALUE and value=TAG=VALUE, for example:

Add Tag

MapWithAI Preferences

Remote control

For current features, if JOSM is running with remote control enabled and the MapWithAI plugin is installed, you can go to http://localhost:8111/features?q=mapwithai .

Remote control only affects the current MapWithAI layer.


Building and Testing

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