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File > Download object

source:/trunk/images/downloadprimitive.png Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-O

Load an OSM objects (node, way or relation) from the OSM API server either in the current data layer or in a new data layer. The downloaded data will contain the way nodes for ways and optionally any referrers (ways or relations that reference the downloaded object). Note: Only the referrers of the downloaded object itself are downloaded, not the referrers for any of its children (way nodes).

The following dialog is displayed:

Screenshot for Download Object dialog (updated)

You can choose the type of object to download and enter its ID and click Download object.

You can choose whether or not any referrers are to be downloaded:

  • if Download referrers is selected, any referring objects are downloaded
  • if Download referrers is not selected, no referrers are downloaded

You can control whether the data is loaded into the current or in a new layer:

  • if Separate layer is selected, the data is loaded into a new layer
  • if Separate layer is not selected, the data is merged into the current data layer

If there isn't a data layer yet, a new data layer is always created.

Data source

The OSM API server specified in Connection Settings is the data source used here.

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