Block Downloading Of Data

(For experts only)

An OSM data layer can be set to block data downloads into it.


icon state osm element attribute behaviour on download how to set in GUI
source:trunk/resources/images/layer/osmdata_small.svg NORMAL (optional: download='true') no special behaviour – it is possible to download data into this layer the default state
source:trunk/resources/images/warning-small.svg in the top right corner of source:trunk/resources/images/layer/osmdata_small.svg BLOCKED download='never' data is downloaded into a new layer instead not possible

Code Example

Edit a .osm file in a text editor and use instead of the usual
<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM'>
<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM' download='never'>


The idea behind this option is for example to manage some data in private layers, e.g. things which are not yet mapped so a mapper can insert these on the map and later plan routes where the mapper visits these places. This avoids accidentally downloading OSM data into these layers (undo does not work) which renders them pretty useless as the custom points drown in the OSM data.

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