Ticket system guidelines

The aim of the JOSM ticket system is to report bugs, suggest enhancements/improvements or submit patches regarding JOSM and its plugins.

  • Everyone (even anonymous) is allowed to create tickets, comment on tickets and add attachments.
  • Bug reports should be created by using the JOSM internal feature Help -> Report Bug.
  • Don't set the milestone, this is permitted to JOSM core developers only.
  • Don't reopen or comment resolved tickets of previous milestones or any old closed tickets. Create a new ticket instead and reference related previous tickets.

The meaning of some fields of a ticket

  • Version
    • tested - the bug is present in the current tested version of JOSM
    • latest - the bug is present in the current latest version of JOSM

Set to the version used for the report, always update first to the most recent one of either latest or tested.

  • Priority
    • blocker - JOSM doesn't work at all for a majority of users
    • critical - a large number of users is affected (we're getting a lot of duplicate reports), usually results in a hotfix and manual latest compilation
    • major - more important issue affecting a group of users
    • normal - default priority, used for most tickets
    • minor - minor easy solvable issues or changes with very little benefit
    • trivial - e.g. little typos (except in osm keys or values)
  • Resolution
    • fixed - an issue was present and it got corrected
    • invalid - mostly user errors
    • wontfix - the team think the requested change is unnecessary
    • duplicate - duplicates already existing issue/report
    • worksforme - the claimed issue does not occur on the developer machine
    • irreproducible - the issue is possibly still present, but the reproduction steps are unknown
    • othersoftware - bug in external software, out of scope of JOSM Trac
    • needinfo - clarification needed for effectively resolve the issue

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