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2013-07-06T23:04:54+02:00 (11 years ago)

Replying to rweait:

  • a count of changes in the current changeset, without having to attempt an upload and failing.

This will be tracked by #7772.

  • an option to upload only the selected node/way/relation.

UploadSelection introduced in r2250.

  • a count of the number of overlength ways and a quick way to select the longest (and fix it)

Agreed, I thought we already had a check for this.

  • a way to split a layer into sensible, legal changeset-sized layers. Perhaps I can divide the import file into quadrants (without breaking ways / relations) and upload each quadrant in turn?

r2599 above introduced multi changeset uploads.

  • a way to compare an import layer to the existing database and mark import items as upload, do not upload, upload immediately, and have then hide. So un-triaged items in the import layer are obvious.

Too complicated.

==> I change the ticket to reflect the last thing to do: add a validator check to detect ways exceeding the API capabilities waynodes (currently set to 2000) and propose a fix (cut it in the middle maybe)


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