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#21409 NewTags: Add man_made=flare External preset enhancement team new 2021-10-06
#21801 [patch] Add railway junction check for missing switches and crossings Core validator enhancement team new 2022-01-25
#15182 Standalone JOSM validator Core validator enhancement team new 2017-08-23
#21495 error with indoorhelper plugin Plugin ​indoorhelper defect zorglubu needinfo 2021-11-01
#21802 Exclude georgian wiki pages "wikipedia=ka:xxx" from "wikipedia page title should have first letter capitalized" Core validator defect team new 2022-01-26
#19648 Show warning on invalid MapCSS validator rule parsing Core enhancement team new 2020-08-07
#21789 Add snowshoeing and running checkboxes to guidepost preset Internal preset enhancement team new 2022-01-20
#21701 Add option to open image via remote control w/o preview Core image mapping enhancement team new 2021-12-24
#21702 Add option to load geotagged image via RC into existing image layer Core image mapping enhancement team new 2021-12-24
#21776 Menu font gigantic Core tested defect team new 2022-01-15
#21797 Error while loading available imageries. Core imagery tested defect team new 2022-01-23
#21794 [PATCH] Allow for cases where tags can be URL or key values in Tag2Link Core tag2link defect team new 2022-01-22
#21619 [PATCH] CCE: josm.gui.widgets.JosmTextField cannot be cast to josm.gui.tagging.ac.AutoCompTextField (Exception on Map Projection) Core tested defect team new 2021-12-01
#4819 Increase "out of memory threshold" Core enhancement team new 2010-03-29
#21796 No JOSM warning for a way that technically is not overlapping, but it is. Core validator defect team new 2022-01-23
#21793 Add new preset for avalanche transceiver training zone and checkpoint Internal preset enhancement team new 2022-01-22
#14730 Display a notice to the user if functionality (imagery layer display) is reduced in case of low memory allocation Core imagery latest enhancement team new 2017-05-02
#13155 Better handling of Layer.checkLayerMemoryDoesNotExceedMaximum Core imagery defect michael2402 new 2016-07-16
#19435 Authentication failed dialog window remains hidden under the OAuth window Core latest defect jBeata needinfo 2020-06-25
#21798 No empty combobox item in preset names for deleting values Core defect team new 2022-01-24
#9446 Show progress on upload validation Core validator enhancement team new 2013-12-18
#21742 Proposal add presets Internal preset enhancement team new 2022-01-04
#5060 Add nodes by heading/distance. Core enhancement team new 2010-05-22
#16485 OAuth wizard windows have tendency to hide their own error messages Core tested defect team new 2018-07-14
#21792 [patch] Request focus in SplitWayAction window segment list Core enhancement team new 2022-01-21
#21485 Continuos Download clogs the request queue and opens too many error windows Plugin continuosDownload defect team new 2021-10-30
#20619 Move to the LINZ Basemap service External imagery source task team new 2021-03-19
#17324 Adding bridge preset to highways not working Core latest defect team new 2019-02-12
#15007 Tagging preset: check and set key/value for more then one kv. Core enhancement team new 2017-07-10
#21762 Randomly duplicated imagery graphical glitch Core tested defect team new 2022-01-12
#21431 Failed to download data Core defect team new 2021-10-13
#21450 OsmTransferException in LoadAndZoomHandler Core remotecontrol defect anonymous needinfo 2021-10-18
#21781 wtyczka wikipedia - błąd Plugin wikipedia defect floscher new 2022-01-18
#8464 Grid Layer for JOSM Core enhancement team new 2013-02-25
#21783 JOSM data validator check failure - "Unconnected highways" Core defect team new 2022-01-18
#21758 Issue while downloading new layer Core remotecontrol defect rocky2109 needinfo 2022-01-11
#21735 Installer removed JOSM shortcut and closed before reporting sucessful udpate Installer Windows tested defect team new 2022-01-03
#21785 Presets: wiki link not clickable Core defect team new 2022-01-19
#21784 Error during auto calibration/Fehler beim automatischen Kalibrieren Plugin piclayer defect rebsc new 2022-01-18
#21782 Deprecate vending=parcel_pickup Internal preset defect team new 2022-01-18
#21780 [PATCH] Convert plugin gson to ivy Plugin defect team new 2022-01-17
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