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#16120 I only tried to move the map with right mouse button. After long editing without saving oder uploading. But I could go on working after that. Core defect team new 2018-03-23
#15711 [PATCH] Vizualize imagery layers with non-zero offsets Core imagery enhancement team new 2017-12-31
#16115 Freeze on Saving to File with New Name Core defect team new 2018-03-21
#16047 Add compatibility with Java 11 Core enhancement team new 2018-03-04
#12592 add memorial:type=stolpersteine Internal preset enhancement team new 2016-03-03
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor Core latest defect team new 2018-03-20
#16110 Plugin colorscheme is broken after rework of color preferences Plugin colorscheme defect team new 2018-03-20
#16109 Measurements layer not showing up again after deleting Plugin measurement defect team new 2018-03-19
#16108 Improve Remove function Plugin conflation enhancement Tyndare new 2018-03-19
#16103 Add map type definition to XML Core imagery enhancement team new 2018-03-17
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#13036 More validation for commands Core enhancement team new 2016-06-23
#13467 Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. Core enhancement team new 2016-08-26
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" Core enhancement team new 2016-12-20
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception Core defect team reopened 2014-09-14
#15744 Windows / Java9 / WebStart: access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "os.name" "read") Core Webstart defect Zian needinfo 2018-01-08
#16100 Strava Global Heatmap in JOSM External imagery source enhancement team new 2018-03-16
#16107 Language tags Core enhancement team new 2018-03-19
#16042 incomplete logo Core defect team new 2018-03-03
#15940 Landsat not working External imagery source defect team new 2018-02-16
#16101 Please use wikitr: links Wiki content enhancement BathoryPeter assigned 2018-03-16
#16093 handling of (lifecycle) prefixes Core enhancement team new 2018-03-13
#16094 Open Custom URL Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team new 2018-03-15
#15915 code for esri projections should be ESRI:NNNN Core enhancement bastiK new 2018-02-14
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