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#17125 Update Developing Plugins instructions Wiki content defect team new 2018-12-19
#17124 Improve conflict solving performance Core enhancement team new 2018-12-19
#17123 DataIntegrityProblemException while solving conflict Core defect team new 2018-12-19
#16073 ImageryCompare for dead layers Unit tests enhancement team new 2018-03-10
#17119 [Patch] Improve reaction time near complete complex multipolygons Core mappaint enhancement team new 2018-12-17
#17118 Sort out axis=neu for EPSG:4326 Core imagery defect team new 2018-12-17
#17047 Document how to use the checkstyle plugin provided by JOSM in Eclipse Core task Don-vip assigned 2018-11-29
#17117 New popular tags: historic=heritage, water_source=main Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-12-17
#17055 [Patch] Validator should complain about simple typos in tag values Core validator enhancement team reopened 2018-12-01
#17050 [Patch] Refactor the GeoImageLayer and related to use a Data class with a selection listener Core image mapping enhancement team new 2018-11-30
#17048 High DPI on Windows 10 Core latest task gpermant@… needinfo 2018-11-29
#14666 [patch] Autoresize Tags/Memberships table to fit content? Core enhancement team reopened 2017-04-18
#17097 Remote control, adding/removing certificate on Win10, certificate shows in background Core defect stoecker new 2018-12-12
#15374 problem deleting multilevel relations Core latest defect team reopened 2017-09-30
#17113 Update Argentina Educational map External imagery source defect zalitoar assigned 2018-12-16
#17035 Validator: Improve progress monitor Core validator enhancement GerdP reopened 2018-11-27
#15609 Accessing tiles from the download dialog behind a proxy Core defect team new 2017-11-29
#17104 IAE: Listener TracerAction was not registered before or already removed Plugin tracer2 defect team new 2018-12-14
#15162 Tracer2 Error-Message: Tracer2Server is'nt run, but Server is running Plugin tracer2 tested defect team new 2017-08-17
#16655 Could not initialize class com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg.JPEGImageReader (win10, 8u171) Core imagery defect team new 2018-08-19
#17109 Cannot display/filter decimal level Core defect team new 2018-12-14
#17102 difference in area styling between forest tagged as natural=wood and landuse=forest is much greater than between landuse=forest and landuse=farmland Core mappaint enhancement team new 2018-12-13
#17032 improve display of unordered gps traces Core enhancement team new 2018-11-26
#17100 complain about name=parking or name=Parking for amenity=parking Core validator enhancement GerdP new 2018-12-12
#17103 Add unsigned_ref to presets Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-12-13
#15708 AssertionError while replacing geometry (two closed ways) Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team new 2017-12-29
#16100 Strava Global Heatmap in JOSM Plugin strava_heatmap enhancement allier-osm new 2018-03-16
#16988 [Patch] Plugin importvec should not create duplicate nodes Plugin importvec tested defect Upliner new 2018-11-12
#17098 Special Characters on Mac OS freezes keyboard Core defect team new 2018-12-12
#16803 [Patch RFC] Validator: Wrong warning Highway link is not linked to adequate highway/link Core validator defect team new 2018-10-05
#16301 Add filter and icon for map types Core imagery enhancement team new 2018-05-20
#17090 graphic errors after doing some actions Core tested defect protoxenus@… needinfo 2018-12-09
#17099 Crash with Geotiff Plugin piclayer defect anonymous needinfo 2018-12-12
#17040 Memory leaks Core defect team new 2018-11-27
#17096 Update plugins dialog should only appear when update changes something Core enhancement team new 2018-12-12
#16082 Strange artifacts when warping imagery at South/North Pole Core imagery defect team new 2018-03-11
#17094 When several tasks are selected ,The borders of the tasks are not visible anymore since last update JOSM Core task team new 2018-12-11
#17092 Warning with adjacent government offices and corporate offices Core validator latest defect team new 2018-12-10
#10391 Add support for "not element of" operator (∉) Core validator enhancement team new 2014-08-20
#16854 Stability of created primitive IDs Core enhancement Don-vip assigned 2018-10-18
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