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#19319 upload dialog does not update object list after first upload, if Mapillary plugin is installed Core latest defect anonymous needinfo 2020-05-30
#19335 Exceptions after update to JOSM 16538 Core tested defect team new 2020-06-02
#18319 Can't launch JOSM.app on macOS with OpenJDK installed, instead of JRE from Oracle. Installer MacOS defect team new 2019-11-13
#16567 [PATCH] Upgrade to JUnit 5 Unit tests enhancement Don-vip assigned 2018-08-05
#16860 Resolve all dependencies and tools using Apache Ivy Core enhancement team reopened 2018-10-20
#18755 Add compatibility with Java 15 Core enhancement Don-vip assigned 2020-02-23
#19334 [PATCH] Upgrade to error_prone 2.4.0 Core defect team new 2020-06-01
#19333 Download (incomplete) members: No message about incomplete download after connection broke while downloading Core latest defect team new 2020-06-01
#19332 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced Core tested defect alt.people.davidcalman@… needinfo 2020-06-01
#19331 Undo after remote control loading Core defect anonymous needinfo 2020-05-31
#19330 History browser: Add semantic check to select in table instead of the whole row the same object on both sides. Core latest enhancement team new 2020-05-31
#13706 History browser: color moved relation members differently Core tested defect team new 2016-09-26
#19329 History browser: Actions of context menu of version list always Core latest defect team new 2020-05-31
#12548 Proper colors for modified nodes in way history Core tested defect team new 2016-02-20
#19296 Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed Core task GerdP assigned 2020-05-26
#17325 MicrosoftStreetside plugin fails to find JavaFX toolkit on Ubuntu/Java 10 Plugin MicrosoftStreetside defect vodryc new 2019-02-12
#19326 error downloading data Plugin mapillary defect cbeddow new 2020-05-31
#19327 [Patch] Deprecate long JosmAction constructors, use setters instead Core enhancement simon04 assigned 2020-05-31
#19321 [Patch] entries in comboboxes are sometimes cut off Core defect simon04 assigned 2020-05-30
#19138 [Patch] Warn when you try to delete a node which is part of a way which is hidden by a filter Core defect GerdP assigned 2020-04-22
#19325 Error when I choose Menu/Imagery/Toulouse - Orthophotoplan 2017 External imagery source defect team new 2020-05-31
#19294 add a button to the relation editor to make it easier to create superroute relations Core enhancement team new 2020-05-25
#19318 Keyboard shortcuts seem broken on Mac. Particular issue with zoom controls since mouse scroll wheel unusable due to sensitivity issues. Core defect team new 2020-05-30
#19317 Scrolling using scroll wheel on Mac is way too sensitive (even on 3rd party mouse with all speed settings at minimum) Core defect team new 2020-05-30
#19314 Zoom is blocked and JOSM freezes Core imagery defect team new 2020-05-29
#19320 add link to taghistory.raifer.tech Core enhancement team new 2020-05-30
#19316 Don't show warning when a new empty relation is deleted Core defect GerdP assigned 2020-05-30
#18866 Transform Potlatch2 mappaint style icons to SVG Core enhancement Stereo new 2020-03-05
#19163 [Patch] Updates for tests on units Core validator enhancement team new 2020-04-28
#19078 Presets: validate user input (w.r.t. regexp/validator) Core enhancement team new 2020-04-12
#19126 WindowGeometry with multi-monitor setup or tiling window manager Core defect team new 2020-04-20
#18889 Missing i18n from info logging strings? Core defect team new 2020-03-08
#18801 [PATCH RFC] Allow layers to determine autosave functionality Core enhancement team new 2020-02-27
#19283 NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/jcs/engine/behavior/ICompositeCacheAttributes Plugin openstreetcam defect jBeata new 2020-05-23
#19312 detect dependency loops in relations Core validator enhancement team new 2020-05-29
#19310 [PATCH] DownloadDialog should have a method to add/remove listeners for changing download selections Core enhancement team new 2020-05-29
#19309 Mac OS X 10.15.5 with AdoptOpenJDK 11 has black table headers Core defect team new 2020-05-28
#19308 Download as new layer not respected. Core remotecontrol latest defect team new 2020-05-28
#19302 Add support for ESRI REST Services Core imagery enhancement team new 2020-05-27
#19304 Add shop=frozen_food to presets Internal preset enhancement team new 2020-05-28
#19305 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: libgstreamer-lite.so: cannot open shared object file Plugin javafx defect Don-vip new 2020-05-28
#19282 [PATCH] Add documentation from wiki to Presets XSD Core enhancement team new 2020-05-23
#18700 Cached OSM data when using a tasking manager Core Webstart defect team new 2020-02-11
#19306 Complain about free-floating building:part Core validator enhancement team new 2020-05-28
#16900 Add undocumented popular tags Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-10-27
#19307 Make "Download to new layer" visible and choosable in confimation dialog Core remotecontrol enhancement team new 2020-05-28
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class Plugin javafx tested defect Don-vip assigned 2020-04-06
#19196 [PATCH] Don't require a restart when a MapPaint color is changed Core mappaint enhancement team new 2020-05-08
#19301 Paste relation: Try to find proper position in member list Plugin utilsplugin2 enhancement team new 2020-05-27
#19300 Relation list panel: Add selection to relation should try to find right position in relation order Core enhancement team new 2020-05-27
#19199 [PATCH] There should be some way to determine how many nodes are superflous in a way Core enhancement team new 2020-05-08
#19299 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap$Node cannot be cast to java.util.HashMap$TreeNode Core tested defect team new 2020-05-27
#19291 Exception on timeout when loading imagery logo Core defect team new 2020-05-24
#19293 Double encoded spaces when viewing wikipedia article link Core tag2link defect team new 2020-05-25
#19292 Selection List: Option to not sort the objects but show the real order of selection Core enhancement team new 2020-05-25
#19289 Tools Core enhancement team new 2020-05-24
#19257 reduce number of ShowHistoryAction implementations Core enhancement GerdP assigned 2020-05-18
#19288 Split way: Wrong position of new member with duplicate members used in different directions Core defect team new 2020-05-24
#17818 [Patch] Add tower:type=lighting Internal preset latest enhancement Klumbumbus assigned 2019-06-16
#19280 Select all inside: Child Nodes of inside ways not selected Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team new 2020-05-23
#19286 [PATCH] External entities are resolved when parsing tagging presets Core defect team new 2020-05-24
#17673 OpenStreetCam: ClassNotFoundException: java.sql.Time Plugin openstreetcam latest defect jBeata new 2019-05-03
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