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#18230 pt_assistant uses error code 3701 which is also used by RightAngleBuildingTest Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh new 2019-10-17
#22695 MAPCSS, Note on: icon-rotation: way; text-rotation: way; coordinate transformation, documentation [patch] Core enhancement team new 2023-01-31
#22716 Duplicate warning: natural=wood on a node Core validator defect team new 2023-02-06
#22715 MapRoulette plugin generates upload tags that are too long when completing multiple tasks together Plugin MapRoulette defect taylor.smock assigned 2023-02-06
#21777 [patch] Tag combination: foot=no + sidewalk=left/right/both Core validator tested enhancement team new 2022-01-16
#22713 IllegalArgumentException: Relation is already deleted Core defect anonymous needinfo 2023-02-06
#22711 my maxar imagery isn't downloading imagery and i have been trying to load it for days. my internet is good as other imageries are working fine except maxar Core imagery defect team new 2023-02-06
#22714 disabled:conditional=designated @ (Mo-Fr 09:00-20:00;Sa 09:00-18:00) not valid? Core defect team new 2023-02-06
#19300 Relation list panel: Add selection to relation should try to find correct position in relation order Core enhancement team new 2020-05-27
#18592 Tags/Memberships toggle dialog: enable opening several relation editor dialog simultaneously Core enhancement team new 2020-01-21
#22547 [Patch] tunnel=culvert should have waterway=* as well Core validator enhancement team new 2022-12-02
#22684 [patch] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'en1' must not be null Core validator defect team new 2023-01-27
#22704 [Patch] Add parent_way_angle() mapcss function Core mappaint enhancement team new 2023-02-03
#22703 [Patch] Fix 90° offset of `icon-rotation: way;` in mapcss Core mappaint defect team new 2023-02-03
#22497 [Patch] Add a setting opposite to proxy.exceptions Core enhancement team new 2022-11-12
#14092 Should not suggest to downgrade the classification of some roundabouts Core validator enhancement team new 2016-12-06
#22701 360 image viewer : Reset Yaw/Pitch to 0 Core image mapping enhancement team new 2023-02-03
#22700 Follow line tool should automatically pick way segment under mouse pointer when there are multiple options Core enhancement team new 2023-02-03
#22698 Wms and viewport dynamic generated tiles. Core imagery enhancement team new 2023-02-02
#22677 remove man_made=communications_tower Internal preset tested enhancement SherbetS needinfo 2023-01-24
#22317 [PATCH] Fastdraw: removing of starting point using shift--double-click on starting point - cause cycled crash messages Plugin FastDraw defect akks new 2022-08-26
#22657 NPE: Cannot invoke "org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.ToggleDialog$TitleBar.setVisible(boolean)" because "this.titleBar" is null Plugin Magic Wand defect new 2023-01-19
#22656 JOSM Crash Core latest defect frozenrabi28@… needinfo 2023-01-18
#22691 Support pmtiles as layer Core enhancement rob.j.nickerson@… needinfo 2023-01-29
#22452 JOSM on Microsoft Store Installer Windows defect team new 2022-10-18
#21881 [WIP patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways Core validator enhancement team new 2022-02-20
#22689 Save as: File name extension should be adjusted when changing the file type. Core tested enhancement team reopened 2023-01-29
#21782 [patch] Deprecate vending=parcel_pickup Internal preset enhancement team new 2022-01-18
#21965 [PATCH] Use <different> translation from KeyedItem Core enhancement team new 2022-03-24
#22381 [PATCH] Error when trying to open a shape file Core defect team new 2022-09-18
#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop Core latest defect team reopened 2022-02-12
#21931 [Patch] .nmea/.pos/.wpt files always ask to be saved Core tested defect team new 2022-03-12
#21498 Add an option to switch between 360 viewer and equirectangular viewer when a 360 image is visualized Core image mapping enhancement team new 2021-11-02
#14278 [Patch] Plugin not printing any map Plugin print defect team new 2017-01-23
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