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#6182 add an option not to show all existing values in the 'change value dialog' new 'change value?' dialogue, value auto completion team enhancement normal
#6390 Streetname completion from external list new autocompletion team enhancement normal
#6412 Additional hotkeys/shortcuts for navigating completion lists new autocompletion, shortcuts, hotkeys team enhancement normal
#8244 autocomplete nearby roads also in relation window new autocompletion team enhancement normal
#11316 auto completion: last entered tags not remembered after restart. new template_report auto completion restart team defect normal
#11349 addr:street autocompletion is broken new autocompletion address street name team enhancement normal
#12921 tag autocompletion has a weakness for trailing numbers new template_report,autocompletion,trailing number team defect normal
#21227 [WIP PATCH] Too many autocomplete suggestions for roles in relation editor new template_report role autocompletion filter relation editor team enhancement normal
#21384 sort/propose prefills on upload box for last used, not alphabetical new template_report upload auto-completion regression team defect normal
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