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Context Menu > Photo Layer

source:trunk/images/dialogs/showhide.png Show/Hide Shift+S
source:trunk/images/dialogs/delete.png Delete
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mergedown.png Merge
source:trunk/images/dialogs/edit.png Rename Layer
source:trunk/images/dialogs/geoimage/gpx2img.png Correlate to GPX?
source:trunk/images/dialogs/geoimage/togglegit.png Show thumbnails?
TBD New layer for untagged images provided by the photoadjust plugin
TBD Write coordinated to image header provided by the photo_geotagging plugin
Jump to next marker Ctrl+Alt+J Displays next image of this Photo layer in the Photo Dialog?
Jump to previous marker Ctrl+Alt+P Displays previous image of this Photo layer in the Photo Dialog?
source:trunk/images/info.png Info

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