Creation of Trô trô bus stops in Ghana


The preset itself

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<presets xmlns="" author="Florian Lainez from Jungle Bus" version="0.4_2019-08-15" shortdescription="Trôtrô stop" description="For mapping trôtro stops in Accra, Ghana cf.">

        <item name="Trô trô platform" type="node"> <!-- icon="share_taxi.svg"  -  icon commented out, as it is not available, see how to add an icon -->
                <label text="Trôtrô platform"/>
                <label text="---------------------------"/>
                <label text="The exact place where the passengers wait for a Trô tro"/>
                <label text="---------------------------"/>

                <key key="source" value="survey summer 2017 - AccraMobile3 project"/>
                <key key="public_transport" value="platform"/>
                <key key="highway" value="bus_stop"/>
                <key key="bus" value="yes"/>

                <text key="name" text="Name of the stop" default="" delete_if_empty="true"/>    
                <check key="official_status" text="Unofficial: no pole / no shelter" delete_if_empty="true" value_on="unofficial"/>
                <combo key="shelter" text="Pole or shelter" values="no, yes" display_values="Pole, Shelter"/>
                <check key="bench" text="Bench" delete_if_empty="true" value_on="yes"/>



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