NaPTAN Preset

A tagging preset which allows the user to add NaPTAN information to a public transport access node (ie. Bus Stops). Only for use in the United Kingdom. This preset is in beta and only bus stops are supported. If issues are found, contact Mastrick_Mapper in OpenStreetMap or create an issue in the josm-naptan-preset GitHub repository.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    author="FreetimeFM" version="2.5_2022-09-14"
    shortdescription="NaPTAN Information [Beta]"
    description="[Beta] Add NaPTAN Information to public access points. If you found an error in this preset, please contact"
    <group name="NaPTAN Tags">
        <item name="Bus Stop" type="node" preset-name-label="true">
            <!-- Links to wiki page -->
            <link href="" />

            <!-- Section for adding NaPTAN information -->
            <label text="Adds NaPTAN information to a bus stop. All the keys below have a dedicated page in the OSM Wiki." />
            <space />

            <text key="naptan:AtcoCode" text="ATCO Code" match="key" />
            <text key="naptan:NaptanCode" text="Naptan Code" match="key" />
            <space />

            <text key="name" text="Name" />
            <text key="naptan:CommonName" text="Common Name" match="key" />
            <label text="The Common Name is pretty much the same as Name." />
            <space />

            <combo key="naptan:Indicator" text="Indicator" values="at,opp,near,adj" editable="true" match="key" />
            <label text="Custom values are allowed such as 'Stop 1'." />
            <space />

            <check key="naptan:verified" text="Has this stop been verified/surveyed?" default="off" match="key" />
            <item_separator />

            <!-- Section for setting type of stop -->
            <label text="Set node as?" />
            <checkgroup columns="2">
                <check key="public_transport" text="public_transport = platform" value_on="platform" disable_off="true" default="on" />
                <check key="bus" text="bus = yes" value_on="yes" disable_off="true" default="on" />
            <checkgroup columns="1">
                <check key="highway" text="highway = bus_stop" value_on="bus_stop" disable_off="true" default="on" />
            <label text="'highway=bus_stop' is recommended. 'public_transport=platform' and 'bus=yes' are commonly used together. Please see the Wiki to learn which applies to this stop." />
            <item_separator />

            <!-- Section for adding additional tags to the stop -->
            <!-- Adapted from tagging presets for Platform and Bus Stop from default_presets.xml -->
            <optional text="Set optional tags for this bus stop.">
                <checkgroup columns="2">
                    <check key="bench" text="Bench" />
                    <check key="shelter" text="Shelter" />
                <check key="bin" text="Waste Basket/Trash Can" />
                <check key="passenger_information_display" text="Passenger information display" />
                <space />

                <text key="route_ref" text="Route references" />
                <space />

                <combo key="wheelchair" text="Wheelchairs" values="yes,designated,limited,no" values_sort="false" />
                <combo key="tactile_paving" text="Tactile Paving" values="yes,no,incorrect" />


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