Presets for man-made natural features — currently only natural=shrubbery.

Sample (NOZIP)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<presets xmlns=""
    author="Jeroen Hoek"
    description="Presets for man-managed greenery.">
  <group name="Greenery" icon="greenery.svg">
    <item name="Shrubbery" icon="shrubbery.svg" type="closedway,multipolygon" preset_name_label="true">
      <link wiki="Tag:natural=shrubbery" />
      <space />
      <label text="An area of shrubbery that is actively maintained or pruned by humans." />
      <space />
      <key key="natural" value="shrubbery" />
        <combo key="shrubbery:density" text="Effective density" values_searchable="true" values_sort="false">
          <list_entry value="sparse" icon="shrubbery_density_sparse.svg" short_description="Sparsely planted shrubbery. Generally speaking able-bodied persons could walk through them (although this is usually not desirable)." />
          <list_entry value="medium" icon="shrubbery_density_medium.svg" short_description="Shrubbery with a medium density. Able-bodied persons might be able to barge through it, but it takes some effort and might result in scratches or soiled clothing." />
          <list_entry value="dense" icon="shrubbery_density_dense.svg" short_description="Densely planted shrubbery. Effectively impassible without damaging the shrubbery (which at this point often acts as a hedge) and getting your clothes torn." />
        <text key="height" text="(Average) height" length="7" />
        <text key="shrubbery:shape" text="Shape (mainly useful for topiaries and hedges)" />


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