JOSM Image Filters

Here will be the image filters which users will be able to apply to the raster layers.

Basic filters

Filter Author Description
Brightness/Contrast Nipel-Crumple can help you to set up needed contrast and brightness parameters to layer
Saturation Nipel-Crumple this filter is able to saturate/desaturate imagery layer
RGB Filter Nipel-Crumple allows you to play with red/green/blue channels of the imagery layer
HSB Filter Nipel-Crumple hue/saturation/brightness model will help you to tune your layer
Unsharp Mask Nipel-Crumple this filter sharpens an layer by unsharp masking
Color Range Filter Nipel-Crumple filter allows to choose color and make all other colors black
Invert Color Nipel-Crumple filter inverts color of the layer
Terrain Classifier Gabriel Medeiros filter applies a terrain classifier on the layer
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