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     3''If you want to learn installation steps for presets, see [wikitr:/Help/Preferences/Map#TaggingPresets "Tagging Presets" tab in Preferences > Map Settings]'' \\
     4''If you want to use presets or need complete reference of presets see [wikitr:/Presets Presets]'' \\
     5''If you want to extend presets with your own see - [wikitr:/TaggingPresets TaggingPresets]''
    27= Preferences > Toolbar Customization =
    4 Add, remove and change the order of items on the main toolbar.
     10At this preferences tab, you can add, remove and change the order of items on the [wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main Toolbar].
     12* On the left are currently selected menus/buttons/items
     13* On the right there are all available menus/buttons/items
     14* Arrow buttons,[[JOSMImage(dialogs/up,24,link=,middle)]] up and [[JOSMImage(dialogs/down,24,link=,middle)]] down, can be used to order items in the left list
     16== Use cases ==
     17=== When to add items to the toolbar ===
     18* Not detailed objects in area of your interest (active project or just current task)
     19* Every preset you plan to use in future
     21=== When to remove items from the toolbar ===
     22* Presets that will never be encountered in areas you would like to edit
     23* Presets that will be never used because every object was entered and precisely tagged
     26== Adding preset group as button ==
     27The numbers correspond to the red fields on the screen below: \\
     28[[span(style=color: #FF0000,1.)]] entire sub-tree selected [[span(style=color: #FF0000,2.)]] and added [[span(style=color: #FF0000,3.)]] to the Toolbar
     30[[Image(preset group settings.png,link=,50%)]]
     33Result will look like ordinary button when not activated
     35[[Image(preset group button.png,link=)]]
     38All options would be provided using sub menu:
     40[[Image(preset group button opened.png,link=)]]
     43== Adding one or multiple buttons from preset group ==
     44The numbers correspond to the red fields on the screen below: \\
     45[[span(style=color: #FF0000,1.)]] select preset item(s)
     46 * one preset item selected (instead of sub-tree in example above)
     47 * multiple preset items can be selected using {{{Ctrl}}}
     48[[span(style=color: #FF0000,2.)]] and added [[span(style=color: #FF0000,3.)]] to the toolbar
     51[[Image(preset items several buttons.png,link=,50%)]]
     53Result would be ordinary preset buttons, without sub menu.
     56== Previously [wikitr:/Help/Action/Search#SavesearchqueryinMaintoolbar saved search results] ==#Previouslysavedsearchresults
     57With the search window you can create a [wikitr:/Help/Action/Search#SavesearchqueryinMaintoolbar search button]. When you select such a button in the ''toolbar preferences tab'' you get three additional lines at the bottom (see screenshoot below). There **you can modify** the **tooltip**, the **icon** and the **search expression**.
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