# Return an overview of what type of ways a route consists of and their surfaces

This code is released under the GNU General
Public License v2 or later.

The GPL v3 is accessible here:

The GPL v2 is accessible here:

It comes with no warranty whatsoever.

This code illustrates how to use Jython (Python in the scripting plugin of JOSM) to:
* loop over all members of a route relation
* find out whether the member is a node, a way or a relation

from javax.swing import JOptionPane
from org.openstreetmap.josm import Main
import org.openstreetmap.josm.command as Command
import as Node
import as Way
import as Relation
import org.openstreetmap.josm.actions.AutoScaleAction as AutoScaleAction

def getMapView():
    if Main.main and
        return None

def analyseRoute(route):
    routeName = route.get('name')
    if routeName: print routeName
    lengthsPerHighwayType = {}
    lengthsPerSurfaceType = {}
    fixme = route.get('fixme')
    if fixme:
        print 'This route has a tag fixme=' + fixme
        print 'the output may not be correct, as the route may not be complete'
    for member in route.getMembers():
        if member.isWay():
            way = member.getWay()
            name = way.get('name')
            if not(name): name = ''
            waylength = way.getLength()
            highway = way.get('highway')
            if not(highway): highway = ''

            if highway in lengthsPerHighwayType:
                lengthsPerHighwayType[highway] += waylength
                lengthsPerHighwayType[highway] = waylength

            surface = way.get('surface')
            if not(surface): surface = ''
            if surface in lengthsPerSurfaceType:
                lengthsPerSurfaceType[surface] += waylength
                lengthsPerSurfaceType[surface] = waylength
            print str(round(waylength,1)) + 'm, ' + highway + ' ' + surface + ' ' + name
    if routeName: print 'Overview for: ' + routeName

    for highwayType in lengthsPerHighwayType:
        if not(highwayType): highwayType = ''
        print highwayType + ': ' + str(round(lengthsPerHighwayType[highwayType],0)) + 'm'

    for surfaceType in lengthsPerSurfaceType:
        if surfaceType:
            surfaceTypeForPrint = surfaceType
        if not(surfaceType):
            surfaceTypeForPrint = 'No surface tag'
        print surfaceTypeForPrint + ': ' + str(round(lengthsPerSurfaceType[surfaceType],0)) + 'm'

dummy_way = Way()
dummy_relation = Relation()

mv = getMapView()
if mv and mv.editLayer and
    selectedRelations =

    if not(selectedRelations):
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(Main.parent, "Please select a route relation")
        for relation in selectedRelations:
            relationType = relation.get('type')
            if relationType == 'route':
                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(Main.parent, "Please select a route relation")
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