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     3The context specific help system does not target this page about the edit toolbar.
     4Nearly all content about Working modes is in the Mode menu now.
     5The new headings for level 2 feel a little ugly.
    3 == The Edit Toolbar ==
    4    * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/mapmode/move/move.png)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/Move/Move Select, Move, Rotate]
    5    * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/mapmode/node/autonode.png)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/Draw Draw nodes]
    6    * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/mapmode/extrude/extrude.png)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/Extrude Create areas by extrusion]
    7    * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/mapmode/zoom.png)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/Zoom Zoom]
    8    * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/mapmode/delete.png)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/Delete Delete]
     8= Edit Toolbar =
     10The Edit toolbar has two parts. These allow to [#Enter enter] a Working mode and to [#Panelbuttons activate] panels in the Sidebar.
     11* The toolbar and its buttons can be hidden, see below.
     12* The [[JOSMImage(svpUp, middle, alt=Single-Up-Arrows ,link=)]] up and [[JOSMImage(svpDown, middle, alt=Single-Down-Arrows ,link=)]] down arrow buttons at top and bottom move the toolbar respectively.
     14== Upper part ==#Enter
     15* Here some buttons for [wikitr:/Help/Menu/Mode#Workingmode Working mode] are offered.
     16 * Clicking a button will enter that Working mode.
     17* The current Working mode is indicated **if** its respective button is available on the toolbar.
     18* Only three mode buttons are initially shown on this part of the toolbar due to limited screen space.
     19 * These three are the [wikitr:/Help/Action/Select Select], [wikitr:/Help/Action/Draw Draw] and [wikitr:/Help/Action/ImproveWayAccuracy Improve Way Accuracy] mode buttons.
     20 * More buttons can be added by customizing the Edit toolbar and additionally by enabling [wikitr:/Help/ExpertMode Expert user mode].
    11    * buttons below affect the display of dialog windows described under [wiki:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs].
     22== Lower part ==#Panelbuttons
     23Panels for the [wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Sidebar] can be activated in the lower part of this toolbar.
     25== Configuration ==
     26The edit toolbar is usually visible at the left side of JOSMs [wikitr:/Help#Interface interface] but it can be hidden.
     28A right click on an button in the edit toolbar offers the following options:
     29||= **Text** =||= **Description** =||
     30||  Hide this button  || Buttons can be restored with the [[JOSMImage(svpRight,middle, alt=Single-Right-Arrows,title=>,link=)]] right arrow button at the bottom of their section in the edit toolbar. ||
     32||  Hide edit toolbar  || Hides the edit toolbar. It can be restored via the [wikitr:/Help/Menu/View View menu]. ||
     33||  Do not hide toolbar  || If checked, the keystroke **`TAB`** will not toggle the edit toolbar. ||
    1335== See also ==
    14  * [wiki:/Help/Menu/Edit Menu Edit]
    15  * [wiki:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs]
     36* [wikitr:/Help/Menu/Mode Mode menu] - With a complete list of Working modes
     37* [wikitr:/Help/Menu/Edit Edit menu]
     38* [wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main toolbar]
     39* [wikitr:"/Help/JOSM interface customization" JOSM interface customization]
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