Canadian Translation

The Canadian variant is not meant as translation. It is lead by the English source Glossary too.


The goal is to deliver a terminology as distinguishable as possible. So this variant prefers to:

  1. Bind a verb exclusively to a noun or an action.
    • While the source uses "to select" for objects, menu items, list entries, files, checkbox states, download areas and nearly everything else the variant tries to bind this verb to the meaning of
      selecting map objects for the Selection.
      The variant
      chooses menu items, list entries, data sets and files
      and handles marked list entries.
    • The source uses "to move" for objects, tags and for the map view but the variant limits this to
      to moves objects only and
      pans the map and
      shifts tags from ways to relation for example.
    • The source uses "to toggle" for dialog panels, some states of the GUI and map data. But the variant limits this to toggled by TAB keystroke effects and uses hide/show for other means of visibility switching.
  1. Additionally the variant replaces the term the selected objects by the proper noun the Selection. With this noun the variant wants to honor the superior importance of these hand-picked objects in JOSM.

  1. Honor the importance of the working mode in JOSM.
    • The variant is not stingy with words and call it a mode. For example:
      Select mode - Select, move, scale and rotate objects instead of Select, move, scale and rotate objects
      Extrude mode - Create areas, move way segments instead of Create areas
      Zoom mode - Zoom and pan map instead of Zoom and pan map

    • The variant avoids the word mode for everything what is not a working mode.
      Expert view instead of Expert mode.
  1. Harmonize the Preferences dialog tab names to <name> preferences instead of <name> [settings|customization|Preferences|].
  1. Avoid SPACE and three dots in their menus if these characters are not needed. So they use
    Undo instead of Undo... and
    Redo instead of Redo... because these commands acts without a following dialog.
    Downloading open changesets... because not SPACEis needed in front of the dots.
  1. Reduce the amount of translation work needed by simply using only one translation Do not toggle this bar by TAB key for the two source strings like Do not hide toolbar and Do not hide status bar.
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