Compiling using ​IntelliJ IDEA

This describes how to develop and compile JOSM using IntelliJ IDEA.



  • Add project from existing source
    • If it doesn't work or stalling: press Ctrl+Shift+A and type in the search box project from existing sources. It will give you all the configuration option, as in earlier IntelliJ versions (≤2019.3). See IntelliJ documentation for more info.
  • Project Settings / Project:
  • Project Settings / Modules:
  • Project Settings / Modules: add+configure IvyIDEA
  • Tools / Ivy / Resolve for All Modules:
  • Configure Ant:
  • Run the following Ant tasks:
  • Run org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MainApplication:

Additional settings

This section describes helpful additional settings for IntelliJ IDEA.

Link ticket references in commit messages

Make ticket references in the code of the form ticket 1234 or #1234 clickable as a link to the Trac ticket.

  1. Open the File | Settings | Version Control | Issue Navigation settings page.
  2. Add a new Issue Navigation item, with:
    • Issue ID: (ticket\s*|#)(\d+)
    • Issue link:$2

Search open issues

→ Tools → Tasks & Contexts → Open Task

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