Compiling using ​IntelliJ IDEA

This describes how to develop and compile JOSM using IntelliJ IDEA.



  • Add project from existing source
    • If it doesn't work or stalling: press Ctrl+Shift+A and type in the search box project from existing sources. It will give you all the configuration option, as in earlier IntelliJ versions (≤2019.3). See IntelliJ documentation for more info.
  • Project Settings / Project:
  • Project Settings / Modules:
  • Project Settings / Modules: add+configure IvyIDEA
  • Tools / Ivy / Resolve for All Modules:
  • Configure Ant:
  • Run the following Ant tasks:
  • Run org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MainApplication:

Additional settings

This section describes helpful additional settings for IntelliJ IDEA.

Run individual tests without Ant

Some test classes which use Mockito need extra steps to run them in the IDE:

  1. Run the test-init Ant target
  2. Create a run configuration
  3. In the run config, add -javaagent:test/lib/jmockit.jar -Djava.awt.headless=true JVM parameter

Link ticket references in commit messages

Make ticket references in the code of the form ticket 1234 or #1234 clickable as a link to the Trac ticket.

  1. Open the File | Settings | Version Control | Issue Navigation settings page.
  2. Add a new Issue Navigation item, with:
    • Issue ID: (ticket\s*|#)(\d+)
    • Issue link:$2

Search open issues

Tools → Tasks & Contexts → Open Task

  • Server URL:
  • Search: status!=closed&summary~={query}

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