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does not work with combination of multiselect + value_list — at Initial Version

Reported by: skyper Owned by: team
Priority: normal Milestone: 13.12
Component: Core Version:
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I get following error message when using multiselect in combination with value_list:$PresetParsingException: cvc-complex-type.4: Attribute 'values' must appear on element 'multiselect'. (at line 4,846, column 77)

preset code which works fine in JOSM:

        <item name="Power Generator" icon="presets/power.png" type="node,closedway">
            <link href="" />
            <label text="Edit Power Generator" />
            <key key="power" value="generator" />
            <text key="name" text="Name" />
            <multiselect key="generator:source" text="Source" delimiter=";">   <!--    <list_entry value="" display_value="" short_description="" icon="" icon_size=""/> -->
                <list_entry value="biofuel" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="biogas" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="biomass" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="coal" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="diesel" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="gas" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="gasoline" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="geothermal" />
                <list_entry value="hydro" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="nuclear" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="oil" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="osmotic" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="solar" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="tidal" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="waste" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="wave" icon="" />
                <list_entry value="wind" icon="" />
            <multiselect key="generator:method" text="Method" values="anaerobic_digestion;combustion;dam;fission;fusion;gasification;photovoltaic;pumped-storage;pumping;pyrolysis;run-of-the-river;thermal" />
            <combo key="generator:type" text="Generator Type" values="cold-fusion,combined_cycle,francis_turbine,gas_turbine,heat_pump,horizontal_axis,kaplan_turbine,pelton_turbine,reciprocating_engine,solar_photovoltaic_panel,solar_thermal_collector,steam_generator,steam_turbine,stellarator,tokamak,vertical_axis,BWR-1,BWR-2,BWR-3,BWR-4,BWR-5,BWR-6,CANDU,CPR-1000,EPR,ICF,PWR,RBMK-1000,RBMK-1500,VVER" />
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Build-Date: 2013-07-05 01:34:27
Last Changed Author: Don-vip
Revision: 6048
Repository UUID: 0c6e7542-c601-0410-84e7-c038aed88b3b
Last Changed Date: 2013-07-03 20:38:17 +0200 (Wed, 03 Jul 2013)
Last Changed Rev: 6048

Identification: JOSM/1.5 (6048 en) Linux Debian GNU/Linux 7.1 (wheezy)
Memory Usage: 119 MB / 592 MB (19 MB allocated, but free)
Java version: 1.6.0_27, Sun Microsystems Inc., OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
VM arguments: [-Djosm.home=$HOME/.josm-test]
Program arguments: [--language=en]
Dataset consistency test: No problems found

Plugin: tagging-preset-tester (29725)

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