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Provide autofix to remove completely useless area=yes (useless both as a tag and as indicator of real issues) from inner multipolygons ways — at Version 1

Reported by: mkoniecz Owned by: team
Priority: minor Milestone: 18.05
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Description (last modified by mkoniecz)

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. find/create multipolygon
  2. add inner way
  3. tag it with area=yes
  4. run validator

What is the expected result?

Validator is providing an autofix that would remove area=yes

What happens instead?

Validator is not providing an autofix

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if possible.

There is a repeated minor tagging issue - multipolygons with area=yes at inner ways that are not tagged with other tags. Such area=yes tag is utterly useless - also as an indicator of problematic area.

Standalone ways with only area=yes are indicating unfinished edit. But in my experience (after processing hundreds cases of are=yes on inner multipolygon ways) area=yes with inner role are not useful as indicators of further problems[1], and may be safely removed automatically.

  • it would allow to split "missing tag - incomplete object: only area" warning into two categories - one requiring detailed investigation and one that may be quickly processed
  • in this case this tag is utterly useless and may be safely removed
  • some people may become confused and start to think that area=yes tag is necessary in such cases
  • people searching for ways with just area=yes (with or similar) to fix mistakes by newbies and finish their edits are spammed by useless area=yes on inners (yes - it is possible to make more complicated query filtering out area=yes on inners, but each person doing this would need to craft their own query or find it)


Such cases of area=yes may be found using

( way(r.relations:"inner")(if:count_tags() == 1)[area=yes];
out meta;

[1] it seems that density of horrible mistakes and poor tagging is not higher in areas with area=yes on inner multipolygon ways than in other areas. To compae that with area=yes on standalone ways - such places frequenly have many other mapping issues.

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