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[1802]1JOSM was originally designed and coded by Immanuel Scholz,
2and is now maintained by the OpenStreetMap community.
[1802]4The current JOSM maintainer is Dirk Stöcker.
[6043]5A lot of administration work is done by Paul Hartmann and Vincent Privat.
7Major code contributions from (in alphabetical order):
[2461]9Stefan Breunig
[1802]10David Earl
11Gabriel Ebner
[2461]12Dave Hansen
[4740]13Paul Hartmann
[2461]14Karl Guggisberg
[2704]15Matthias Julius
[4740]16Alexei Kasatkin
[2461]17Jiri Klement
[1802]18Ulf Lamping
[4349]19Simon Legner
[1802]20Raphael Mack
[3771]21Upliner Mikhalych
[4473]22Vincent Privat
[1802]23Frederik Ramm
24Dirk Stöcker
26Many minor contributions and patches by others; see SVN history
27at for details. Use
28"josm-dev AT" to contact still active authors.
30Copyright rests with the contributors.
[6531]32-------------------------------- EXTERNAL CODE --------------------------------
[104]34The jpeg metadata extraction code is from Drew Noakes
[4231]35( and licensed
36with Apache license version 2.0.
[1802]38The Bzip2 code is from Keiron Liddle (Apache project) and licensed
39with Apache license version 2.0.
41The signpost code (
[3771]42is from Matthias Käppler and licensed with the Apache License 2.0.
[6380]44The NTv2 transformation code (
45is from Peter Yuill and licensed with LGPL.
47The MultiSplitPane is from Hans Muller and licensed with LGPL
[6920]50The Alphanum Algorithm is from David Koelle and license with LGPL
[6380]53The Diff code (
54is from Stuart D. Gathman and licensed with GPL.
56The Ellipsoid code (
57is from Johan Montagnat and licensed with GPL.
[6756]59The JSON code (
60is from Oracle (RI for JSR 353: Java API for JSON Processing)
61and licensed with GPL / classpath exception.
[6370]63The opening hour validation uses code from opening_hour.js
64( which is licensed
[6531]65with the New (2-clause) BSD license.
67------------------------------------ ICONS ------------------------------------
69Most icons have been nicked from GNOME and the GIMP, both under GPL.
70Some are originally LGPL but redistributed here under GPL.
72The keyboard icon comes fom:
73- source:
74- licence: GPL
75- designer: Paolino,
76- original filename: keyboard.png
77- original size: 128x128
78- modifications: icon was cropped, then resized
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