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2018-07-02T23:00:45+02:00 (8 months ago)

Explain when 'default' values are used in the context of preset applications (only when zero keys are present)


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    128128  Translation context for text attribute to separate equals words with different meaning (not required for in-file translations).
    129129 default="default_value"::
    130   The default value for the item. If not specified, the current value of the key is chosen as default (if applicable). In case of <check> whether the checkbox is ticked on or off by default (default is "off"). In case of <text>, <combo> and <multiselct> defaults to "".
     130  An explicitly declared default value for the item. This value is ''only'' applied through a preset when the object the preset is applied to has ''zero keys''.
     131  If a value for default is not given, different implied default values apply depending upon the type:
     132  * <check> (whether a checkbox is ticked on or off by default): implied default is "off"
     133  * <text>, <combo>, <multiselect>: implied default is ""
    131134 values="entry1,entry2,entry3"::
    132135  A list of entries (for the <combo> box and <multiselect>). The list has to be separated by commas (for the combo box) or by the specified delimiter (for the multiselect). If a value contains the delimiter, the delimiter may be escaped with a backslash. If a value contains a backslash, it must also be escaped with a backslash.