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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<presets xmlns="" 
description="Presets for Mapping of Wifi Hotspots or areas of wifi connectivity in the community"
shortdescription="Wifi Hotspots"

link = "">

        <group name="Wifi Hotspot" icon="wifihotspot.png">
                <item name="Internet Cafe" type="closedway,node" icon="wifihotspot.png" preset_name_label="true">
                        <link href=""/>
                        <label text="A place whose principal role is providing internet services to the public." /> 
                        <space />
                        <key key="amenity" value="internet_cafe"/> 
                        <text key="name" text="Name" />

                <item name="Computer Lab" icon="computer_lab.png" type="node,closedway" preset_name_label="true">
                        <link href=""/>
                        <label text="A place that offers computers for public use." /> 
                        <key key="amenity" value="computer_lab"/>
                        <text key="opening_hours" value="weekday_range"/>

                <item name="Library" icon="library.png" type="node,closedway" preset_name_label="true">
                        <link href=""/>
                        <label text="A public library (municipal, university, …) to borrow books from; may also offer computers or wifi for public use." /> 
                        <key key="amenity" value="library"/>
                        <key key="opening_hours" value="weekday_range"/>
                        <key key="wifi_access" value="yes/no"/>

                <item name="Other Wifi Hotspot" icon="wifihotspot.png" type="node,closedway" preset_name_label="true">
                        <link href=""/>
                        <key key="amenity" value="wifihotspot"/>
                        <text key="opening_hours" value="weekday_range"/>



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