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     1=== Not code
     2This preset was originally made by Jacob Bräutigam. Thanks to him. But it got covered with dust. So I made a [ pull request] and so far no reaction was followed. And this is the reason I decided to move preset code from GitHub to this page.
     3=== Code
     6<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     7<presets xmlns=""
     8  shortdescription="Street cabinet"
     9  de.shortdescription="Kabelverzweiger"
     10  fr.shortdescription="Croix du Cabinet de connexion"
     11  ru.shortdescription="Уличный шкаф"
     12  description="street cabinets"
     13  de.description="Kabelverzweiger"
     14  fr.description="Croix du Cabinet de connexion"
     15  ru.description="Газовые, электрические, коммуникационные и т.д."
     16  version="1.[[revision]]_[[date]]"
     17  author="Jacob Bräutigam, Alexander-II"
     18  link=""
     21  <item name="Street cabinet""Kabelverzweiger""Croix du Cabinet de connexion""Уличный шкаф" preset_name_label="true" type="node,closedway,multipolygon">
     22    <link href="" />
     23    <space />
     24    <key key="man_made" value="street_cabinet" />
     25    <combo key="street_cabinet" text="Type">
     26      <list_entry value="cable_tv" de.display_value="Kabelfernsehen" fr.display_value="Télévision par câble" ru.display_value="Кабельное ТВ" short_description="cable CATV lines amplifiers or splitters" />
     27      <list_entry value="gas" de.display_value="Gas" fr.display_value="Gaz" ru.display_value="Газ" short_description="devices for urban gas distribution" />
     28      <list_entry value="postal_service" de.display_value="Post" fr.display_value="Poste" ru.display_value="Почта" short_description="pending letters or other postal stuff before they go on local delivery" />
     29      <list_entry value="power" de.display_value="Strom" fr.display_value="Courant" ru.display_value="Электричество" short_description="devices for electricity distribution" />
     30      <list_entry value="street_lighting" de.display_value="Straßenbeleuchtung" fr.display_value="Éclairage" ru.display_value="Уличное освещение" short_description="Street lighting switches and cables" />
     31      <list_entry value="telecom" de.display_value="Telekommunikation" fr.display_value="Télécommunications" ru.display_value="Связь" short_description="telephone lines amplifiers or connection points" />
     32      <list_entry value="traffic_control" de.display_value="Verkehrsregelung" fr.display_value="Contrôle de la circulation" ru.display_value="Управление уличным движением" short_description="Traffic lights automation systems and other traffic control systems such as movable barriers. It can impact on traffic flow." />
     33      <list_entry value="traffic_monitoring" de.display_value="Verkehrsüberwachung" fr.display_value="Surveillance du trafic" ru.display_value="Мониторинг уличного движения" short_description="A traffic management device is mainly in charge of vehicle counting. It can''t impact on traffic directly." />
     34      <list_entry value="transport_management" de.display_value="Transportsteuerung" ru.display_value="Общественный транспорт" short_description="automation systems to allow public transportation installed on dedicated paths (metro, tramways...) to work" />
     35      <list_entry value="waste" de.display_value="Abfall" fr.display_value="Déchets" ru.display_value="Бытовые отходы" short_description="containers for waste and recycling which are not a public amenity, i.e. those for collecting the waste per individual house" />
     36      <list_entry value="water" de.display_value="Wasser" fr.display_value="Eau" ru.display_value="Вода" short_description="pipes and valves directly: portable, utility water and sewage" />
     37      <list_entry value="water_management" de.display_value="Wassersteuerung" ru.display_value="Контроль за водой" short_description="water management devices like automation or probes but no water pipes: portable, utility water and sewage" />
     38    </combo>
     39    <text key="length" text="Length (meters)" />
     40    <text key="width" text="Width (meters)" />
     41    <text key="height" text="Height (meters)" />
     42    <combo key="direction" text="Direction" delimiter="|" values="N|E|S|W|NE|NNE-S|180|90-270|270-90|0-360|70-110;250-290" values_no_i18n="true" values_sort="false" />
     43    <combo key="colour" text="Color (HTML name or hexadecimal code)" values_context="color" values="black,brown,green,red,blue,gray,white,#CD853F" />
     44    <text key="manufacturer" text="Manufacturer" de.text="Hersteller" fr.text="Fabricant" ru.text="Производитель" />
     45    <text key="model" text="Model" de.text="Modell" fr.text="Modèle" ru.text="Модель" />
     46    <combo key="hinge" text="Direction of door opening" de.text="Türseite" ru.text="Дверь открывается">
     47      <list_entry value="vertical" de.display_value="Vertikal" fr.display_value="Vertical" ru.display_value="вертикально" />
     48      <list_entry value="horizontal" de.display_value="Horizontal" fr.display_value="Horizontal" ru.display_value="горизонтально" />
     49    </combo>
     50    <text key="ref" text="Reference" />
     51    <text key="operator" text="Operator" />
     52    <item_separator />
     53    <label text="" icon="" icon_size="240" />
     54  </item>