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Plugins for JOSM

This is a list of all plugins available via the in JOSM integrated plugin manager. If you wrote a plugin and like JOSM to find it, add your site to the list. The link in the first column should point to a direct download of the jar file and should be named exact like the plugin (without the .jar).

Column version should contain a version number if and only if the plugins manifest contain the attribute 'Plugin-Version' matching the version number string on this site.

Note: You should put a link to a plugin, which only works with the latest release (JOSM 1.5 as of July the 12th 2007) here?

colorschemeChristof DallermasslAllows the user to create different color schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colors and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colors for better visibility in bright sunlight. Dialog is in JOSM's preferences on tab 'Map settings' (strange but true).
geotaggedRob NeildImport exif geotagged images1.1
lakewalkerBrent EastonHelps vectorizing WMS images5152
lang-deSven AndersTranslations of JOSM into german
lang-en_GBBruce CowanTranslations of JOSM into british english
lang-frFrederic BonifasTranslations of JOSM into french
lang-roOvidiu ConstantinTranslations of JOSM into romanian
livegpsFrederik RammSupports live GPS input ("moving dot") through a connection to "gpsd". More info at
mappaintNick Whitelegg/Ulf LampingAn alternative render for the map with colouring, line thickness, icons after tags. More info (like setup of your own rendering style) at
measurementRaphael MackProvides a dialog which displays the and length of selected ways.
namefinderFrederik RammAllows input of place names in JOSM download dialog1.0
nearclickImi/David EarlSimulates a click when you do a small and short drag. This is useful for tablet pens orslippery mice, when you have problems just clicking the tablet without the mouse moving (general Java - tablet problem).
openvisibleChristof DallermasslAllows loading gpx/osm files that intersect the currently visible screen area.0.2.1
osmarender80nDisplays the current screen as nicely rendered SVG in FireFox. Activate with new menu item View/Osmarender. You need to have FireFox installed and set the Firefox executable under Preferences/MapSettings.4
plastic_lafImiThe Plastic look and feel from
slippymapFrederik RammDisplays a slippy map grid in JOSM. Can load tiles from slippy map as background and request updates.5692
slippy_map_chooserTim HaussmannAdds a new download dialog that allows to select the download rectangle on the slippy map. With this plugin it's possible to download ways and gpx logs without knowing the coordinates of the desired download rectangle - just navigate to the desired area by zooming and moving the slippy map, mark the area with a rectangle and click download.
surveyorChristof DallermasslAdd nodes/waypoints at the current gps position. More info at . This plugin heavily depends on livegps plugin||1.3.3
tagging-preset-testerImiAdds a tagging preset tester to the help menu, which helps you developing of tagging presets (quick preview of the dialog that will popup). You can start the jar-file as standalone as well.
utilspluginMartijn van OosterhoutSeveral utilities that make your life easier: Merge nodes, join node to way and simplify way.
validatorFrancisco R. Santos Data validator. It checks for problems in data, and provides fixes for the common ones. Spellcheck integrated for tag names. More info at
wmspluginDisplay background images from any WMS source. Also supports using Metacarta's Map Rectifier ( to display warped WMS images. Latest version has simple load and save support. Requires JOSM build 345 or later.3.0
ywmsFrancisco R. SantosYahoo WMS server. This plugin acts as a WMS server for Yahoo imagery. Requires wmsplugin4034


Open the JOSM preferences on tab "Plugins". Then click on the button "Get more plugins". Finally, enable all plugins you want to install. If JOSM complain it can't download a plugin, please fix the link on this page's table (should point to a downloadable jar file) or report the problem to the plugin author.

You can install plugins manually by putting the .jar files in a plugins directory under the Josm directory. Under windows, this is in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\JOSM\plugins. Then restart Josm and the plugins should show up.

Want to create plugins? Go here: DevelopingPlugins