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    2 [[PageOutline(2-10,Table of Contents)]]
    3 = Welcome to the JOSM online help system =
    4 From JOSM you can reach this page
    5 * by clicking the menu item **''Help -> [[Image(source:trunk/images/help.png,20,middle)]] Help''**
    6 * by clicking on a [[Image(source:trunk/images/help.png,20,middle)]] **help button** in one of the JOSM dialogs
    7 * by pressing **{{{F1}}}**
    9 {{{
    10 #!html
    11 <p style="background-color:rgb(253,255,221);padding: 10pt; border-color:rgb(128,128,128);border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; width: 60%;">
    12 <strong>Please help to improve online help information.</strong><br/>
    13 This help might get outdated from time to time. Please help improving it by fixing parts that are missing or outdated - this is a wiki!
    14 </p>
     3= Main Help =
     4Welcome to the JOSM Help system!
     5An easy start is the [wikitr:/Introduction Introduction].
     6The [wikitr:/HowTo How Tos] deal with some use cases.
     8== Interface ==
     11The **[wikitr:/Help/Menu Main Menu]** and its submenus
     12[wikitr:/Help/Menu/File File],
     13[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Edit Edit],
     14[wikitr:/Help/Menu/View View],
     15[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Tools Tools],
     16[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Selection Selection],
     17[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Presets Presets],
     18[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Imagery Imagery],
     19[wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Windows],
     20[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Audio Audio] and
     21[wikitr:/Help/Menu/Help Help]
     22lead the way to all actions possible in JOSM.
     23A [wikitr:/Help/Action/SearchMenuItems search] allows to find every menu item and every action.
     24Both the **[wikitr:/Help/MainToolbar Main Toolbar]** under the menu and the **[wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar Edit Toolbar]** on the left side allow instant access to actions and data.
     26The **Main Area** is called [wikitr:/Help/MapView Map View].
     27It is for editing the map [wiki:Help/Concepts/Object objects].
     28It has a close relation to the panels in the **[wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs]** on the right side.
     29The panels allow to view and to edit the tags of the selected objects.
     31The **[wikitr:/Help/StatusBar Status Bar]** informs about the drawing position, the highlighted object and the working mode.
     32Not shown here are the dialogs
     33for setting [wikitr:/Help/Action/Preferences Preferences],
     34for managing [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/ChangesetManager Changesets],
     35for resolving [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/Conflict Conflicts] and
     36the [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/RelationEditor Relation Editor].
     38Only the non-modal dialogs and the preferences are needed here
    17 == Getting Started ==
    18 === Within this wiki ===
    19 * [wiki:Introduction Introduction to JOSM]
    20 * [wiki:HowTo How Tos] about JOSM
     41== Concepts ==
     42The power of JOSM lays in its flexibility to allow every user to download, create, publish and share:
     43* [wikitr:/Presets Presets] to tag fast and [wikitr:/Rules validated],
     44* [wikitr:/Styles Styles] to change the way the maps are painted,
     45* [wikitr:/Plugins Plugin] to extent JOSMs functionality far beyond the programs core and
     46* [wikitr:/Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts] of his choice.
     48== Past and Future ==
     49JOSM grows since 2005 togther with the [osmwiki:Main_Page Openstreetmap] to handle all [osmwiki:Map_Features Map Features].
     50There are some older pages about [osmwiki:JOSM JOSM] [osmwiki:JOSM/Guide their wiki].
     52The speed of growth was sometimes bigger than the speed of writing documentation, so you are invited to contribute to this help here on JOSM to keep it up to date and translated.
     55Open remains from the former format:
    2156* [wiki:Help/AudioMapping Audio mapping:] playing voice notes and synchronizing them with your GPS tracks in JOSM
    22 * [wiki:Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts]
    24 === In the OSM-wiki ===
    25 * [osmwiki:JOSM JOSM page]
    26 * [osmwiki:JOSM/Guide JOSM Guide]
    28 === Openstreetmap in general ===
    29 * [osmwiki:Main_Page Openstreetmap wiki]
    30 * [osmwiki:FAQ FAQ about OSM in general]
    31 * [osmwiki:Map_Features Map features]
    33 == Concepts ==
    34 * [wiki:Help/Concepts/Object Objects] - explains what '''objects''' maps consist of and how these objects are described in detail
    35 * [wiki:Help/Concepts/Conflict Conflict] - explains the basics of '''conflicts''', why they occur, how they are detected and how you can resolve them
    36 * [wiki:Help/Concepts/Changeset Changeset] - explains why you create a '''changeset''' when you upload data to the OSM server
    38 == JOSM interface ==
    39 [[Image(josm-screen-commented2.png)]]
    41 === Map View ===
    42 * [wiki:Help/MapView Map View] - The main area, where editing takes place
    44 === Main Menu ===
    45 Depending on which [wiki:Help/Preferences/Plugins plugins] you have installed you may have more options on this menu.
    46 * [wiki:Help/Menu/File File]
    47 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Edit Edit]
    48 * [wiki:Help/Menu/View View]
    49 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Tools Tools]
    50 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Selection Selection]
    51 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Presets Presets]
    52 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Imagery Imagery]
    53 * [wiki:Help/ToggleDialogs Windows]
    54 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Audio Audio]
    55 * [wiki:Help/Menu/Help Help]
    56 * a search box which allows to search for menu items
    58 === Toolbars ===
    59 * [wiki:Help/MainToolbar Main Toolbar] - the toolbar above the main JOSM window. [[BR]] 
    60  This toolbar is highly customisable, with the ability to add and remove menus items from the [wiki:Help/Action/Preferences preferences] dialog.
    61 * [wiki:Help/EditToolbar Edit Toolbar] - the toolbar down the left hand side of the main JOSM window
    63 === Toggle Dialogs ===
    64 * [wiki:Help/ToggleDialogs Toggle Dialogs] - right part of JOSM window
    66 === Status Bar ===
    67 * [wiki:Help/StatusBar Status Bar] - bottom panel of JOSM window
    69 === Other dialogs ===
    70 * [wiki:Help/Dialog/AddValue Add Value Dialog] - add tags to any object
    71 * [[Image(source:trunk/images/dialogs/changeset/changesetmanager.svg,24,middle)]] [wiki:Help/Dialog/ChangesetManager Changeset Manager] - query, download, view, and close [wiki:Help/Concepts/Changeset changesets]
    72 * [[Image(source:trunk/images/dialogs/conflict.png,middle)]] [wiki:Help/Dialog/Conflict Conflict Dialog] - use the Conflict Dialog to [wiki:Help/Concepts/Conflict resolve conflicts].
    73 * [[Image(source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png,middle)]] [wiki:Help/Dialog/History History Dialog] - browse the history of a [wiki:Help/Concepts/Object node, way, or relation]
    74 * [[Image(source:trunk/images/dialogs/relationlist.png,middle)]] [wiki:Help/Dialog/RelationEditor Relation Editor] - use the Relation Editor to create and/or modify [wiki:Help/Concepts/Object relations]
    75 * [[Image(source:trunk/images/preference.png,middle)]] [wiki:Help/Action/Preferences Preferences Dialog] - view and change the preferences of JOSM.
    76 * [wiki:Help/Dialog/UnsavedChangesDialog Unsaved Changes Dialog] - dialog to warn and offer upload/save function if a data layer is deleted.
    77 * [wiki:Help/Action/Upload#TheUploadDialog Upload Dialog] - information about the pending upload, comment-field and many options
    79 == JOSM Plugins ==
    80 * A list of available plugins can be found at the [wiki:Plugins plugin page]
    81 * [wiki:Help/Plugins Plugin descriptions] within JOSM help
    82 * Information and Documentation about various JOSM plugins can also be found starting from the [osmwiki:JOSM/Plugins JOSM-Plugin page] in the OSM-wiki
    8458== JOSM error messages ==
    8559* [wiki:Help/ErrorMessages Error messages]