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The House Number Tagging Tool plugin for JOSM will allow you to quickly & easily complete the addressing of numerous buildings. This can be used to add address information to any building type, not just houses.


You can easily install this plugin from within JOSM as follows

  1. Start JOSM, open the preferences window (Edit->Preferences or use the toolbar icon) and select the plugins tab.
  2. Click on "Download List" to download the list of available plugins.
  3. Check the box for HouseNumberTaggingTool.
  4. Click the update button. All new plugins should start downloading and installing.
  5. Restart JOSM.

Once installed, you will find the House Number Tagging Tool under the “Edit” menu in JOSM or use shortcut key “K”

Speed of Use

Once you have applied address tags to your first building in a sequence, e.g. 1 of 1-100, you can quickly and easily complete the tagging of numbers 2 to 100 by

  • Select building
  • Use shortcut key "k"
  • Press enter / click ok

This allows for rapid adding of address data

Detailed Usage

Watch a demonstration video

[[File:House Number Tagging Tool.webm|thumb|House Number Tagging Tool]]

You will find the House Number Tagging Tool under the “Edit” menu in JOSM or use shortcut key “K”

To add address data using this plugin complete the following steps:

  • Click on a building/node that you wish to apply the address data to
  • Select the House Number Tagging Tool under the “Edit” menu in JOSM or use shortcut key “K”
  • The following window will appear

  • All elements of an address can be applied or unselected by clicking on the relevant checkbox

Note: If an element is checked, the address data will be added to the building/node you have selected, however if an element is checked and there is no text to be added it will assume this field should be blank and will delete pre-existing address data if any exists so ensure you only select fields for which you are adding address data, unless your intention is to remove pre-existing address data

  • Each element contains a drop down list with a number of options e.g. under "building" will be listed options yes, house, apartment, office etc. The drop down for addr:street will include a list of all street names from the data you currently have loaded into JOSM.
  • The number you add to the addr:housenumber field should contain the number of the first building you are tagging e.g. 1.
  • The Housenumber increment slider at the bottom of the window tells the plugin what number you want it to display on the next building. It allows for sequential or odd/even increments of
    • -2 (10, 8, 6)
    • -1 (10, 9, 8)
    • 0 (same number)
    • 1 (1,2,3)
    • and 2 (2,4,6).
  • Click ok to apply the selected address tags to the building/node

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