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    3 = Map View =
     3= Map view in JOSM =
    5 This is the main view in JOSM, where editing takes place, and Landsat and other images are displayed. There are different [EditToolbar working modes] which can change the interaction with the Map View.
     5This is the main view in JOSM (also called [ Viewport]), where editing takes place, and Bing/Mapbox and other sources can be displayed.
    7 [[Image(MapView2.png,500)]]
    9 === Move map ===
    10 The area displayed in the window can be moved by holding down the right mouse button, and dragging the mouse. (On a Mac with a one-button mouse, simulate right-click by holding down **`Ctrl`** while clicking the button.)
     9=== What do you see here and when ===
    12 === Zoom ===
    13 You can zoom using the scroll wheel or the `Plus`- and `Minus`-keys. Alternatively there is an extra [Action/Zoom zoom mode] and several other direct zoom actions in the [Menu/View view menu].
     11There are several mechanisms in JOSM that affect what the user sees in the map view.
    15 === Middle Mouse Button ===
    16 If you click the scroll wheel (middle mouse button) a popup menu will be shown that allows you to select objects that are on top of each other. Click the scroll wheel again to select the next entry in the list. Hold down the scroll wheel to auto cycle through the list. Hold down {{{Ctrl}}} to select objects in the list with the mouse. You can {{{Alt+Left Click}}} to cycle through these objects without having to use the popup. If the latter doesn't work on Ubuntu systems, it's likely the key combination is catched before it is passed to JOSM. To fix this issue, start the gconf-editor (it's a GUI app but not present in Ubuntu's default menus) and go to Apps → Metacity → General. Change the setting "mouse_button_modifier" to something else.
    17  See also [Action/Select#Selectingsingleobjects selecting single objects] and [HowTo#Selectawaysharingcommonnodes select a way sharing common nodes]
     13==== Visibility ====
    19 === Left mouse button ===
    20 Depending on the [EditToolbar edit mode] the left mouse button triggers different actions.
     15* Data can be ''filtered out'' by [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/Filter Filters]
     16* [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/LayerList Layers (data, imagery)]
     17 * can be [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/LayerList#LayerButtons hidden] or can be set to [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/LayerList#VisibilityLayer semi-opaque]
     18 * can be obscured by other data layers ([wikitr:/Help/Dialog/LayerList#PanelButtons Up/Down buttons] are used to arrange layers)
     19* Map Paint Styles can hide OSM objects per zoom level
    22 {{{
    23 #!comment
    24  Status Bar part moved to [wiki:Help/StatusBar]
    25 }}}
     21==== Appearance ====
     23* '''Partial fill of objects''' is enabled by default, it '''depends on area of the object'''. Areas will be fully filled if ''the partial fill would cover more than 50% of the area'' to avoid small unfilled gaps in the middle of an area.
     24* Enabled (in [wikitr:/Help/Preferences/Map#MapPaintStyles preferences]) and activated (in [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/MapPaint Map Paint Styles window] or preferences) styles affect what you see on the screen
     25* Styles can be displayed differently based on zoom factor
     27=== Map view controls ===
     29==== Move map ====
     31The area can be moved by '''holding down''' the {{{right mouse button}}}, and '''dragging''' the mouse. To improve dragging performance, labels are hidden while moving the map:
     35==== Zoom ====
     37* Using the scroll wheel
     38* {{{+}}} and {{{-}}} keys
     39* more specialized move/zoom actions and tools like:
     40 * several entries in the [wikitr:/Help/Menu/View View menu]
     41 * [wikitr:/Help/Action/JumpToPosition Jump To Position]
     42 * [wikitr:/Help/Action/Zoom Zoom tool]
     43 * [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/Minimap Minimap]
     45== Downloaded area ==
     47Indicated by yellow reverse diagonals.
     49JOSM will limit your editing abilities outside of the area that you have downloaded, because it may lead to [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Conflict conflict] after upload.
     51Another precaution is not to draw new objects in undownloaded area because it may lead to duplicates (because of not-downloaded-yet and not visible objects in your viewport).
     53== Troubleshooting ==
     54=== MacOS ===
     55On a Mac with a one-button mouse, simulate right-click by holding down {{{Ctrl}}} while clicking the button.
    2757== See also ==
    28 * [Action/Select Select Action] - help on selecting, moving, and rotating objects in the map view
     58* '''[wikitr:Action/Select Select Action]''' - help on selecting, moving, and rotating objects in the map view
     59* '''[wikitr:/Help/EditToolbar Modes]''' - overview of modes (frequently accessed tools) in JOSM
     60* [wikitr:/Help/StatusBar Status bar]
     61* [wikitr:/Help/Menu/ImageryContextMenu Imagery Context Menu]
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