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     2[[PageOutline(2-4,Table of Content)]]
     4= Map Paint Styles panel =
     6[[JOSMImage(dialogs/mapstyle,48,link=,middle,margin-right=20)]] ''Keyboard shortcut:'' **`Alt+Shift+M`** — one of the [wikitr:/Help/ToggleDialogs#Toactivateawindow JOSM panels]
     8It presents a list of [wikitr:/Styles map styles].
     11== List of available Map Styles ==
     12[[JOSMImage(dialogs/mappaintpreference)]] [wikitr:/Help/Preferences/MapPaintPreference Launch the Preferences dialog and open the register for Map Paint Style settings] - this dialog has a list of styles that you can select from. In addition you can add and delete styles from your list.
     15== Settings of individual style ==
     16See [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/MapPaint/StyleSettings Style settings]
     19== Control elements ==
     20=== Activate ===
     21[[JOSMImage(apply,24,link=,middle)]] Turn selected styles on or off. Can also be done by clicking the checkbox in front of each entry. The first entry (Wireframe View) is special, it cannot be combined with any other style and it cannot be moved up and down or removed from the list.
     23=== Up / Down ===
     24[[JOSMImage(dialogs/up,24,middle,link=)]] / [[JOSMImage(dialogs/down,24,middle)]] Move the selected entries up or down. Styles sources are applied top to bottom, so lower entries can override upper entries.
     28== Right click Menu ==
     29Right click on any entry for further options
     31=== Reload from File ===
     32[[JOSMImage(dialogs/refresh)]] Only works for style sources that are saved locally. Reloads the style and updates the map area. By default local mappaint styles reload automatically when you safe changes in the file.
     34=== Save as... ===
     36Save a copy of the style to file. The copy will be added to the list of styles. You can open the file in a text editor and do some changes.
     38=== Info ===
     40The info dialog has 4 tabs:
     41 info::
     42  General info on the style source (Title, URL, ...)
     43 Errors::
     44  If there are major errors when loading the style (e.g. syntax errors), you can inspect the error log in this tab. Style sources that have errors are marked with a small [[JOSMImage(misc/error,top,link=)]]-sign in the main view.
     45 Warnings::
     46  If there are minor errors when loading the style (e.g. missing icons), you can inspect the warning log in this tab. Style sources that have warnings are marked with a small [[JOSMImage(warning-small,top,link=)]]-sign in the main view.
     47 Source::
     48  Here you can quickly look up the source code of the style. It is read-only, but you can copy text to your own custom styles.
     51== Debug Map Styles ==
     52There is an experimental feature to debug the style generation process. Select one object and in the View menu click ''"Advanced Info"'' (or use `Ctrl+I`). Then select the map style tab. Note that output might not be 100% complete, e.g. some properties of the generated styles are not shown.
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