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     3= File > Open Location =
     5[[JOSMImage(openlocation,middle,link=,margin-right=20,48)]] ''Keyboard shortcut:'' **`Ctrl+L`**
     7[[PageOutline(2-3,Table of Contents)]]
     9**Open an URL.**
     12This action interprets various kinds URLs to download several types of OSM and JOSM data.
     14It handles the URLs being dropped by mouse or pasted via clipboard into the [wikitr:/Help/MapView Mapview], too.
     15This happens by silently reusing the current state of the check-boxes of the dialog.
     17The ''Download as new layer'' checkbox controls if the data is loaded in a new layer.
     19By default the map view pans to the downloaded data.
     20When checking ''Zoom to downloaded data'' off no panning is done in [wikitr:/Help/ExpertMode expert mode].
     23== Data sources ==
     24If the URL matches several data sources, a window will follow to choose the type of data to download.
     26Examples of data sources are listed hereafter.
     28=== OSM data ===
     29==== Current version of objects ====
     30The OSM servers are the main data source you can use here. For instance, if you know the [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#Objectids object id] of a [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#NodesWaysRelations node, way, or relation] you can load the respective object with one of the following URLs (replace `123456789` with the object id).
     32Example of an API URL: ``\\
     33Example of an URL from the slippy map: ``
     35==== Older version of objects ====#Olderversionofobjects
     36You can also load older versions of an object (replace `123` with the version number)
     37Example of an API URL: `<relation id>/123`
     39==== Changeset ====
     40For all objects belonging to a changeset the URL is `` (replace `123456` with the changeset id)
     42==== Area ====
     43For all objects in an area the URL is ``
     45==== Other servers ====
     46Additional to the main osm server listed above, other servers are available too, e.g.:
     47* [osmwiki:Xapi XAPI servers]
     48* [osmwiki:Overpass_API Overpass API]
     51=== geo: URIs/URLs ===
     52The geographic URL format can be used to download osm data at a small area around the given location, e.g. `geo:37.786971,-122.399677`
     54=== Notes ===
     55* If the URL contains `/note/123456` you can choose if you also want to download the [wikitr:/Help/Dialog/Notes Note] with the given id.
     56* If the URL contains `&layers=N` you can choose if you also want to download the Notes in the given area.
     58=== GPS ===
     59* URLs ending with .gpx
     60* OSM user traces in the format `​`
     61* OSM user traces in the format ``
     62* OSM user traces in the format `` (which can also be found at the [osmwww:user/Skippern/traces/2277313 osm user traces page])
     64The full list of supported data sources and URL patterns is shown when an invalid URL was entered.
     67== See also ==
     68* [[JOSMImage(downloadprimitive)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/DownloadObject Download object] To download an object together with its referrers
     69* [[JOSMImage(download)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/Download Download data]
     70* [[JOSMImage(downloadprimitive)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/DownloadObject Download object]
     71* [[JOSMImage(download)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/DownloadParentWaysAndRelation Download parent ways and relations]
     72* [[JOSMImage(download_in_view)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/DownloadOsmInView Download in current view]
     73* [[Image(,middle,link=)]] [osmwiki:JOSM/Plugins/continuosDownload continuosDownload Plugin]
     74* [[JOSMImage(open)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/Open Open ...]
     75* [[JOSMImage(openrecent)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/OpenRecent Open Recent]
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