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    33= Tools > Join overlapping Areas =
    5 [[PageOutline(2-10,Table of Contents)]]
    75[[Image(source:/trunk/images/joinareas.svg,48,middle)]] ''Keyboard shortcut:'' '''{{{Shift+J}}}'''
    97'''Join areas that overlap each other.'''
    11 You can select two or more [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ClosedWays closed ways].
    12 * Usually, the order of selection matters, as the remaining way will keep the [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectId object id] and [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectHistory object history] of the first selected way with positive id. See #9599.
    13 * All [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#Tags1 tags] with only a single value from all ways will be added and the [wikitr:/Help/Action/CombineWay#TagsMembershipsConflictDialog Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog] will open if manual decisions are needed or memberships are involved. In normal user mode it will additionally warn before adding any tag or membership the ways do not have in common, like Combine Ways, see [wikitr:/Help/Action/CombineWay#CombineConfirmation Combine Confirmation].
    14 * If a selected way does not overlap with any other selected way nor is surrounded by any other selected way, it is silently dropped of list of ways to join and left as is.
     9This action merges overlapping [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ClosedWays areas] together into a bigger one.
     10Areas ''overlap'' if they have an intersection or if the touch at two nodes.
     12* The area selected first gives its [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectHistory object history] and [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectId id] to the target area.
     13  So the order of selection matters.
     14* All [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#Tags1 tags] from all selected areas will be added to the target area.
     15  If different values for one key exist, then the user must decide which value should remain.
     16  So the [wikitr:/Help/Action/CombineWay#TagsMembershipsConflictDialog Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog] will open.
     17  It may also appear for relation membership issues.
     18* The additional [wikitr:/Help/Action/CombineWay#CombineConfirmation Combine Confirmation] dialog informs if not all the areas have all the same tags or memberships.
     19  It appears in [wikitr:/Help/ExpertMode#Standardview standard view] only.
     20* If an area has no overlap with another one in the Selection, then it is not joined.
     21  But it gets all tags like the target area and becomes ''modified'' by this.
    1522* Additionally selected nodes do not matter.
    1623* If areas are surrounded by the others and have no intersection with any of them, then the result of this action will be a [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#typemultipolygon multipolygon].
     25[[Image(buildings-joinoverlappingareas.gif, nolink)]] \\
     26The animation above shows first the creation of two areas with the [osmwiki:JOSM/Plugins/BuildingsTools Building_tools] plugin, then one of them being [wikitr:/Help/Action/Duplicate duplicated] and [wikitr:/Help/Action/Select selected + moved] and finally the Join Areas action to all three areas then selected.
    1929=== Notifications === #Notifications
    2030If the selection does not fit Join overlapping Areas needs, then these notification messages will be presented:
    21 * No overlapping areas in the Selection. \\ `No intersection found. Nothing was changed.`
    22 * An open way is in the Selction. \\ `One of the selected ways is not closed and therefore cannot be joined.`
     31* No overlapping areas in the Selection. [[Image(josm_join_areas_message_no_intersection.png, nolink, align=right)]]\\
     32 `No intersection found. Nothing was changed.`
     33* An open way is in the Selection. [[Image(josm_join_areas_message_unclosed.png, nolink, align=right)]] \\ `One of the selected ways is not closed and therefore cannot be joined.`
    2435No action is performed in these cases.
    26 == Usage with buildings == #Usagewithbuildings
    27 [[Image(buildings-joinoverlappingareas.gif)]]
    29 == See also == #Seealso
     38=== See also === #Seealso
    3039* [[Image(source:/trunk/images/combineway.svg,middle)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/CombineWay Combine Way]
     40* [[Image(source:trunk/images/multipoly_create.svg,middle)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/CreateMultipolygon Create Multipolygon]
     41* Open issues #14528
     42* Relevant improvements #9911, #9599