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    33= Tools > Combine Way =
     4[[PageOutline(2-10,Table of Contents)]]
    5 [[Image(source:/trunk/images/combineway.png)]] ''Keyboard shortcut:'' '''{{{C}}}'''
     6[[JOSMImage(combineway,48,link=,middle,margin-right=20)]] ''Keyboard shortcut:'' **`C`**
    7 '''Combine several selected ways in one.'''
     8**Combine several selected ways in one.**
    9 If there are any differences in tags or relation memberships, JOSM will warn you and open up a dialog to decide manually for each one. The options are:
     10* The order of selection matters, as the remaining way will keep the [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectId object id] and [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#ObjectHistory object history] of the first selected way with positive id.
     11* The ways need to be connected to each other in their end nodes and need to form a single string otherwise JOSM will show a notification ([#Notification see below]) and refuses the action.
     12* All [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#Tags1 tags] with only a single value and all relation memberships from all ways will be added and the [#TagsMembershipsConflictDialog Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog] will open if manual decisions are needed. In normal user mode it will additionally warn before adding any tag or membership the ways do not have in common.
    11 * all single values of the different ways
    12 * '''none''' - the key will be removed
    13 * '''all''' - all values are used for a key, separated by a semicolon
     14=== Notification ===#Notification
     16If the selected ways are not connected in their end nodes and/or do not form a single string a notification is presented with following content:
     18Could not combine ways
     19(They could not be merged into a single string of nodes)
    15 If the key is `capacity=*`, `capacity:*=*` or `step_count=*` there is one more option:
    16 * '''sum''' - summs all numerical values of the selected ways
     22== Combine Confirmation ==#CombineConfirmation
     23**Note**: Following warnings are not presented in [wikitr:/Help/ExpertMode Expert Mode].
     25=== Tag ===#CombineConfirmationTag
     26If there is any difference in [wikitr:/Help/Concepts/Object#Tags tags] or conflicting tag combinations, JOSM presents following warning and ask for confirmation.\\
     27 The warning lists each conflicting key with its values in brackets and offers two options to hide this warning in future. Choosing "No" will cancel the whole action.
     31=== Relation ===#CombineConfirmationRelation
     32If there is any difference in relation membership or role, JOSM presents following warning and ask for confirmation\\
     33 The warning lists each involved relation with its name, the number of members and if it is not complete downloaded in brackets and offers two options to hide this warning in future. Choosing "No" will cancel the whole action.
     38== Tags `direction` Conflict Dialog ==#TagsDirectionConflictDialog
     39When ways are combined and one of them has to change direction, if on this way there are childnodes with stop, give_way or traffic_signals  signs (with keys `*:direction`): JOSM presents a message and suggest to adapt the `forward/backward` value (since r17289).
     42== Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog ==#TagsMembershipsConflictDialog
     43If there is any conflicting tag value, membership or role where JOSM cannot find a solution, the Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog will open up in order to solve the conflict manually.
     45The dialog is divided into two parts where the upper part is for tags and the lower part is for memberships and roles.
     49=== Tags ===#TagsConflictDialog
     52==== Filter ====
     53On top there are two check boxes to filter the tags:
     54* **''Show tags with conflict only''** is checked by default to only show the tags not in common. Unchecking will reveal all tags.
     55* **''Show tags with multiple values only''** shows only the tags with conflicts in values
     57==== Background Color ====
     58Additionally the background color indicates the conflicts:
     59 **white** - common tag (no conflict) \\
     60 **green** - single value conflict \\
     61 **red** - multiple values conflict
     63==== Value Column ====
     64With the drop down menus in the value column you can solve the conflicts and remove tags.
     65The options are:
     66* all single values of the different objects
     67* ''**none**'' - the tag will be removed
     68* ''**all**'' - all values are used for a key, separated by a semicolon
     70If the key is representing a quantity like `capacity=*` or `step_count=*` there is one more option:
     71* ''**sum**'' - sums up all numerical values of the selected objects
     73=== Memberships and Roles ===#MembershipsConflictDialog
     76==== Memberships ====
     77With the two columns on the far right, **''Keep''** and **''Remove''**, the decision on the membership can be made.
     79==== Background Color ====
     80The background colors are:
     81 **grey** - delete membership, remove object from relation \\
     82 **green** - keep membership \\
     83 **red** - undecided, needs to be set manually
     85==== Roles ====
     86Roles can be changed by editing the entry in the role column or with the **''Role''** text box beneath the membership list.
     87==== Tag modified relations ====
     88On the bottom line are a check box **''Tag modified relation with''** and a text box for **''Key''** and **''Value''** in order to add a tag to all modified relations by checking the box and entering a key-value combination.
    1890== See also ==
    20  * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/splitway.png,20)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/SplitWay Split Way]
    21  * [[Image(source:/trunk/images/joinareas.svg)]] [wiki:/Help/Action/JoinAreas Join Areas]
     91 * [[JOSMImage(splitway)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/SplitWay Split Way]
     92 * [[JOSMImage(joinareas)]] [wikitr:/Help/Action/JoinAreas Join Areas]
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