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     2[[PageOutline(2-3,Table of Contents)]]
    24= Download =
    4 == Overview ==
    6 || ||= OS Independent =||= [ Web Start] =||= Windows =||= Mac OS X =||= Ubuntu, … =||= openSUSE =||
    7 ||= **tested** [[Version(tested)]] =|| **[/josm-tested.jar jar ]** || [/download/josm.jnlp jnlp] || [/download/windows/josm-setup.exe setup.exe] ([wiki:USB_Stick portable]) || [/download/macosx/] || ''[#Ubuntu see below]'' || ''[#openSUSE see below]'' ||
    8 ||= latest [[Version(latest)]] =|| [/josm-latest.jar jar] || [/download/josm-latest.jnlp jnlp] || || || ''[#Ubuntu see below]'' || ||
    9 ||= older =|| [/download/ download/] || || || || || ||
    11  * **Which version should I use?** (see also: [wiki:Releases release system])
    12    * ''tested'' is released approx. monthly and shouldn't contain severe bugs
    13    * ''latest'' is released daily, may have more errors
    14    * If possible, use the Web Start version in order to automatically update.
    15 * Verify josm.jar with jarsigner
    17 ----
    18 [[PageOutline(2-3,Page Outline)]]
    20  * **Note that there are fairly regular updates, so always try running a recent version (and also recent plugins).**
    21  * Access [/download/josm.jnlp JOSM-WebStart] without installation
    22  * Download the **[/josm-tested.jar tested JOSM ]** version [[Version(tested)]]
    23  * Download the [/download/windows/josm-setup.exe Windows JOSM installer] version [[Version(windows)]]
    24  * Download the [/download/macosx/ Mac OS X JOSM package] version [[Version(macos)]]
    25  * Prepare a [wiki:USB_Stick USB flash drive] to use JOSM on any foreign Windows machine.
    26  * For download scripts use version check for [/latest latest] and [/tested tested] (or [/version both]) to reduce download bandwith
    27  * If download size is an issue for you:
    28   * Append **?lang=…** to the download link address for both releases to strip unused translations (e.g. **?lang=de** will download JOSM in German language only).
    29   * **Note**: Use underscore to separate [[Translations|language codes]] with country code extensions, e.g. **?lang=en_GB**
    30   * Append **?unsigned=1** to strip the code signing information
    31   * When **lang** and **unsigned** are used the separation is a **&** sign like in **?lang=de&unsigned=1**
    34 == Mac OS X Mountain Lion Errors ==
    35 [[Image(#8787:damaged_josm_app.png,align=right,margin-top=-35)]]
    36  This misleading error message may appear: ** is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.**
    38  To complete the install enter OS X Preferences, visit 'Security & Privacy', and change the settings to allow downloads from 'anywhere'.
    40  After JOSM runs the first time you can return the setting to the original position.
    43 == Development Version ==
    45  * Download the **[/josm-latest.jar latest JOSM]** version [[Version(latest)]] (may have more errors than "tested", be careful with this one).
    47 == Source ==
    49  * Get the source:
    50    * From the official Subversion repository (recommended):
    51 {{{
    52 #!sh
    53 svn co josm
    54 }}}
    55    * From the official OSM Subversion repository (including plugins):
    56 {{{
    57 #!sh
    58 svn co
    59 }}}
    60    * From the unofficial [ GitHub mirror]:
    61 {{{
    62 #!sh
    63 git clone git://
    64 }}}
    66 == openSUSE repository#openSUSE
    68 Tested version of JOSM is available in the Application:Geo repository.
    70 First add as root user in yast or with zypper the repository (replace the version in the URL with the one you are using):
    71 {{{
    72 zypper ar -f Application:Geo
    73 }}}
    75 Then simply install **josm** and **josm-fonts** package.
    77 == Ubuntu repository ==#Ubuntu
    79 This is a package repository primarily for Ubuntu. It should also work with other Debian based (especially Ubuntu based) distributions, but we do not actively test and maintain any distributions other than Ubuntu.
    80 [[BR]]
    81 Note: in addition to the regular procedure described below, older DEBs can be manually downloaded and clicked to be installed from the following directories:   [ for josm]  [ for josm-latest] 
     6This page provides basic JOSM installation steps and troubleshooting information.
     7To start working with JOSM please see the [wikitr:/Introduction] and the [wikitr:/Help] pages.
     8And for very complex issues see [wikitr:/InstallNotes Installation Notes].
     10== Recommended options ==#Recommendedoptions
     11[[JOSMImage(openlocation, valign=middle, link=[download/josm.jnlp])]] **Start [/download/josm.jnlp josm.jnlp]** (newest tested version) \\
     12Recommended version, all platforms, automatic update to the newest ''tested version'' monthly ([#Webstart how to start]). \\ \\
     14[[JOSMImage(download, valign=middle, link=[/josm-tested.jar])]] **Download [/josm-tested.jar josm-tested.jar]** (tested version [[Version(tested)]]) \\
     15All platforms ([#Java how to run]). \\ \\
     18== All download options ==#Moredownloadoptions
     19Every [/roadmap month] the team of JOSM [wikitr:/Releases releases] a **tested version** for download.
     20The MS Windows and Apple macOS variants are built on this tested version.
     21When you click on josm.jnlp to launch JOSM you will always get the newest tested version. Java's [wikitr:/InstallNotes#Webstart Web Start] is the mechanism behind this.
     24Every [/log/josm/?verbose=on&limit=20 night] the build systems generate a **latest version**.
     25These versions might have severe errors. But mostly they work well, too.
     26For the latest version is also a Web Start variant available.
     28||= =||||= **For all operating systems** =|||||||| ||= **Development** =||
     29||=**Version** =||= **Web Start** =||= **Download** =||= **Windows** =||= **Apple macOS** =||= **Ubuntu, Debian…**  =||= **openSUSE** =||= **Jar / Javadoc / Source** =||
     30||**tested [[Version(tested)]]** ||  \
     31||  [/download/josm.jnlp josm.jnlp]  ||  \
     32||  [/josm-tested.jar]  ||  \
     33||  \\ [/download/windows/josm-setup.exe josm-setup.exe] \\ [/download/windows/josm-setup.msi josm-setup.msi] \\ [ Microsoft Store]\\ ''([#Mswindowswrapper see below])''  ||  \
     34||  \\ [/download/macosx/ JOSM macOS .zip package] \\ ''or ([#macOS homebrew])''  ||  \
     35||  ''[#Ubuntu see below]''  ||  \
     36||  ''[#Opensuse see below]''  ||  \
     37||  [/nexus/content/groups/public/org/openstreetmap/josm/josm/ josm]:[[Version(tested)]]  ||
     38||**latest [[Version(latest)]]** || \
     39||  [/download/josm-latest.jnlp latest.jnlp]  ||  \
     40||  [/josm-latest.jar]  || || ||  \
     41||  ''[#Ubuntu see below]''  || ||  \
     42||  [/nexus/content/groups/public/org/openstreetmap/josm/josm/SNAPSHOT/ Use snapshots]  ||
     43||=''**older**'' =|| ||  \
     44||  [/download/ download/]  || ||  \
     45||  [ automatic builds]  ||  \
     46||  [/apt/pool/universe/j/ pool/]  || ||  \
     47||  [/nexus/content/groups/public/org/openstreetmap/josm/josm/ tested versions]  ||
     49When running scripts please first check on [/latest latest], [/tested tested] or [/version all] to reduce download bandwidth.
     51** Strip translations **[=#Striptranslations]  \\
     52If download size is an issue, smaller files of the tested version are available. For downloads containing only English append [/josm-tested.jar?lang=en ?lang=en] to the URL. To include one translation replace `en` with the [wikitr:/TracLanguages language code] you want (lowercase first character, supported languages only). You can further reduce the file size by stripping the signing information off with appending [/josm-tested.jar?lang=en&unsigned=1 ?unsigned=1].
     55== Linux Repositories ==
     56=== JOSM's Debian based mainly for Ubuntu ===#Ubuntu
     57This is our own package repository primarily for Ubuntu. It should also work with other Debian based (especially Ubuntu based) distributions, but we do not actively test and maintain any distributions other than Ubuntu.
    8359The repository contains two packages:
    84  {{{josm}}}:: ''The tested version''[[br]]
    85   Replaces the package from the official Ubuntu repository.
    86  {{{josm-latest}}}:: ''The development version (nightly build)''[[br]]
    87  Can be installed parallel to the {{{josm}}} package. The default preference folder is {{{~/.josm-latest}}}.
    89 === Installation ===
    91 Edit the package resource list {{{/etc/apt/sources.list}}}:
    93 {{{
    94 #!sh
    95 sudo editor /etc/apt/sources.list
     60* ''josm'' – Provides the tested version (stable). Replaces the package from the official repository of your distribution. The default JOSM directories name is set to `JOSM`.
     61* ''josm-latest'' – The latest version (nightly). Can be installed in parallel to the josm package, therefore the default JOSM directories name is set to `JOSM-latest`.
     62Both packages provide `/etc/default/josm` respectively `/etc/default/josm-latest` as config file for [wikitr:Help/CommandLineOptions#Javaoptions java options].
     64In addition to the regular procedure described below, older DEBs can be manually downloaded from the [/apt/pool/universe/j/ archives].
     66==== Installation ====
     67Edit the package resource list `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list`:
     69sudo editor /etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list
     72### below does not work on GNU Debian systems
     73`sudo $EDITOR /etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list`
    9876and add one of the following lines according to your Ubuntu-Version:
    100 {{{
    101 deb lucid universe
    102 deb precise universe
    103 deb quantal universe
    104 deb raring universe
    105 deb saucy universe
    106 deb trusty universe
    107 deb utopic universe
    108 deb vivid universe
    109 }}}
    111 Alternatively, this can  be done with the following one-liner:
    112 {{{
    113 echo deb $(lsb_release -sc) universe | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list > /dev/null
    114 }}}
    116 For other Debian based distributions, add the following line:
    118 {{{
    119 deb alldist universe
    120 }}}
     79deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] noble universe
     80deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] mantic universe
     81deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] lunar universe
     82deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] jammy universe
     83deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] focal universe
     84deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] bionic universe
     86# For other Debian based distributions add:
     87deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] alldist universe
     90Alternatively, this can be done with the following one-liner in Ubuntu (not for Ubuntu based distributions like Linux Mint):
     92echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] $(lsb_release -sc) universe" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list > /dev/null
     94or for Linux Mint:
     96echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] $(grep ^DISTRIB_CODENAME= /etc/upstream-release/lsb-release| awk -F = '{print $(2)}') universe" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/josm.list > /dev/null
    124100### below did not work on all systems
    125101and add the following line:
    126 `
    127 deb VERSION universe
    128 `
    129 }}}
    131 Download and register the [[/josm-apt.key|public key]]:
     103`deb [signed-by=/usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg] VERSION universe`
     107Download the [/josm-apt.key public key]:
     109# Create the directory for manually downloaded keys if it was not already created
     110sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/keyrings
     111# Download the key
     112wget -q -O- | sudo gpg --dearmor -o /usr/local/share/keyrings/josm-apt.gpg
     114In the past, instructions used `apt-key`. If the key was added to system's keyring, following line will remove it:
     116sudo apt-key del $(apt-key list | grep -B1  "<>" | sed '$d' | cut -b 48-51,53-57)
     119Now refresh your sources:
     121# You may need to install ssl support for apt in advance:
     122sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
     123# Refresh sources
     124sudo apt-get update
     127and install:
     129# You can skip this first line if these packages were not installed before.
     130sudo apt-get remove josm josm-plugins
     132# For the tested version
     133sudo apt-get install josm
     134# For the development version
     135sudo apt-get install josm-latest
     139=== GNU Debian ===#GNUDebian
     140Our own Ubuntu packages, [#Ubuntu above], work on Debian and we recommend to use them. Depending on the setup of `sudo`, some instruction will not work as "normal" user but only as `root`.
     142Since Debian 11 (bullseye) the [ josm-installer] is available under **''main''** in section **''utils''**. It downloads the current .jar file from this site and updates it if necessary.
     144The tested version of [ JOSM] is available under **''main''** in section **''utils''**, but the version is usually quite old. \\
     145Please, use the [ backports repository] to get a more up-to-date version, see [ Instructions]. Still this version might be quite old.
     147=== openSUSE  ===#Opensuse
     148The tested version of JOSM is available in the Application:Geo repository.[=#openSUSE]
     150First add as root user in yast or with zypper the repository (for Tumbleweed replace **$releasever** with **openSUSE_Tumbleweed**):
     152zypper ar -f '$releasever' Application:Geo
     155Then simply install ''josm'' and ''josm-fonts'' package.
     158== Troubleshooting ==
     159=== Java ===#Java
     160When you double-click on a jar file and nothing happens in most cases this means Java isn't installed.
     162JOSM now recommends [ Azul] or [ Bellsoft Liberica] JDK's. Generally speaking, the current Java LTS should be preferred (at time of writing, that would be Java 17), but Java 11 will work. See the [source:/trunk/README README] for current recommendations. But first give the Java already distributed with the operating system a try, [ for example].
     165When choosing a download keep in mind:
     166 * A Java Plug-in for web browsers is **not** needed to run JOSM. Therefore results from pages like are not relevant.
     167 * A Java variant with 64 bit is recommended for JOSM. The operating systems architecture is important for deciding between 32 bit Java or 64 bit Java. Because JOSM is **not** affected by the web browsers architecture most recommendations on this page are not relevant.
     168 * Avoid pages like which intent to place Java Plug-ins in web browsers. And this is **not** important for JOSM.
     170For further information visit the [InstallNotes Installation Notes] and [ troubleshooting] pages.
     171''Java'' in this section means a JRE (Java Runtime Engine) which provides a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run JOSM, a Java program that is developed using JDK (Java Development Kit) and sometimes launched with the JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol aka Web Start and successor of Java Plug-ins).
     173==== Testing Java ====#JavaTest
     174[=#Troubleshootingjarfile] Checks if Java is installed and why JOSM does not start (example mainly for MS Windows).
     1751. Download [/josm-tested.jar josm-tested.jar] to your desktop.
     1761. Open a Command Prompt aka Terminal
     1771. Type `cd %homepath%`⏎ and type `cd Desktop`⏎
     1781. Type `java -version `⏎ Three lines with the version data should appear. If you see something else then Java is not properly installed.
     1791. Type `java -jar josm-tested.jar`⏎. Now JOSM should run, started from the [wikitr:/Help/CommandLineOptions Command Line].
     1801. Quit JOSM.
     1811. Type `josm-tested.jar`⏎. If JOSM starts again, the Windows Explorer is ready for double clicks on jar files.
     184=== Web Start ===#Webstart
     186You need to install [ OpenWebStart] first. It will download and run Java by itself. Please use the 64 bit (`x64`) version of OpenWebStart if you are on Microsoft Windows. The transition from Oracle WebStart to OpenWebStart is still in progress, so in case of issue please create a [/newticket new ticket] or post a comment to #17858.
     188You may need to update the default application for opening JNLP files if you previously used Oracle WebStart. See [ jnlp file association] for instructions on setting OpenWebStart as the default program for jnlp files.
     190==== Testing Web Start ====#Webstarttest
     1911. Download [/download/josm.jnlp josm.jnlp] to your desktop.
     1921. Open a Terminal and move to the Desktop as above
     1931. Type `javaws josm.jnlp`⏎. This should initially download JOSM, show a security dialog and then launch JOSM.
     1941. If that fails, then type `javaws -verbose josm.jnlp`⏎. This should first show a dialog with information about the JVM and then launch JOSM.
     197=== Virtual Machine ===#Troubleshootingjvm
     198==== Out of memory ====
     199Nowadays manually controlling Javas memory is seldom needed because available RAM on computers has grown.
     200Wrongly chosen values can decrease JOSM performance.
     202For some tasks, JOSM has a large appetite for memory. On the one hand, it may be necessary to configure a memory size that supports more plugins and features. On the other hand can slow machines be stabilized by restricting Javas memory use.
     203If needed, use the [wikitr:/Help/CommandLineOptions command line] to set the [ Java Option] -Xmx…m, for example `-Xmx512m` or `-Xmx1536m`. In Debian/Ubuntu you can edit the file `/etc/default/josm` respectively `/etc/default/josm-latest`. \\
     204Formerly older java programs accepted `-Xmx=512m` or even `-Xmx 512m`. Now those malformed arguments throw error messages.
     206==== VM selection ====#VMselectiononWindowsx64
     207On current versions of MS Windows by default Java is installed mainly in the `C:\Program Files\Java\` directory. Additional parts are placed in `C:\Program Files\Oracle\Java\`. There is a `.\javapath\` directory as target for the PATH environment variable. It is the home for the three virtual files `java.exe`, `javaw.exe` and `javaws.exe`. This files are symbolic links form the current Java installations.
     209On older versions of 64 bit Windows sometimes the 32 bit mode JRE was additionally installed.  Also some browsers brought their own JVM with limited capabilities. In those cases a Web Start from the browser would not use your Java installation but that from the browser.
     211Check that there's no other javawebstart in `\Windows\SysWow64`. The Java control panel will not detect it and you can safely delete it. Perform cleanup and only keep the latest versions of each JRE (One or the 32-bit mode, another one for the 64-bit mode).
     213For shortcuts created on the desktop for JNLP and running the Javawebstart launcher , make sure to pass VM parameters prefixed with -J and no intermediate space before the VM option. If you have installed both the 32-bit and 64-bit version, you should pass the option "`-d64`" if you want to select the preferred 64-bit VM. Note that some Oracle documentation pages indicate the option "-D64" with the incorrect capitalization!)
     215Example of an edited command line for a shortcut on the windows desktop:
    134 wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
    135 }}}
    137 Now refresh your sources
     218javaws.exe -J-d64 -J-Xmx2048m  josm.jnlp
     222=== Windows josm.exe ===#Mswindowswrapper
     223Using josm-setup.exe for installation on Microsoft Windows does the following:
     224 * Puts two executable files `JOSM.exe` and `HWConsole.exe` in directory `%LOCALAPPDATA%\JOSM`
     225 * Registers JOSM.exe as target for the file extensions `*.osm`, `*.geojson`, `*.gpx`, `*.jos` and `*.joz`.
     226 * Places JOSM shortcut icons on the Desktop and in the Start Menu.
     227 * Adds uninstall data at the appropriate places.
     229When starting, JOSM.exe starts JOSM with an embedded version of Java maintained by JOSM developers, based on Azul Zulu.
     230JOSM.exe acts as a ''wrapper'' and is [wikitr:/USB_Stick portable].
     232HWConsole.exe is similar to JOSM.exe but start JOSM while keeping open a Windows console displaying JOSM standard output (logs).
     234JOSM.exe accepts all usual [wikitr:/Help/CommandLineOptions#Programarguments JOSM Program arguments]. See example:
    140 sudo apt-get update
    141 }}}
    142 and install:
    143  {{{josm}}}:: (You can skip the first line if you haven't installed these packages before.)
     238# Load OSM data
     242For giving [wikitr:/Help/CommandLineOptions#Javaoptions Java options] to the Java VM JOSM.exe uses the configuration file `JOSM.cfg` in its app sub-directory. In this file each option needs a separate line.
     244=== macOS ===#macOS
    145 #!sh
    146 sudo apt-get remove josm josm-plugins
    147 sudo apt-get install josm
    148 }}}
    150  {{{josm-latest}}}::
    151 {{{
    152 #!sh
    153 sudo apt-get install josm-latest
    154 }}}
    157 === useful options ===
    159 If JOSM runs out of memory, you can increase the maximum size of allocated memory (400 MB in this example):
    160 {{{
    161 JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx400M" josm
    162 }}}
    164 Start with a different preference folder:
    165 {{{
    166 JAVA_OPTS="-Djosm.home=$HOME/.josm-tmp" josm
    167 }}}
    170 == VM selection on Windows x64 ==
    172 For Windows, beware that some browsers may install their own JRE only in 32 bit mode, but may also install their version of the Javawebstart tool somewhere else with different file associations. This may cause your JNLP to start with this alternate JRE because it runs the wrong version of Javawebstart which only supports the 32 bit VM, and sometimes is built with a restricted support for VM options and a max VM size not exceeding 256MB.
    174 Check, for example, if there's no other javawebstart in {{{\Windows\SysWow64}}}. You should not need it (the Java control panel will not detect it) and can safely delete it. Perfom cleanup and only keep the latest version of the JRE (1 for the 32-bit mode, another one for the 64-bit mode).
    176 For shortcuts created on the desktop for JNLP and running the Javawebstart launcher (from {{{\windows\system32}}}), make sure to pass VM parameters prefixed with -J and no intermediate space before the VM option. If you have installed both the 32-bit and 64-bit version, you should pass the option "{{{-d64}}}" if you want to select the preferred 64-bit VM. Note that some Oracle documentation pages indicate the option "-D64" with the incorrect capitalization!)
    178 Example of an edited commandline for the shortcut created on the windows desktop after running JOSM just once from the JNMP and exiting:
    179 {{{
    180 #!sh
    181 C:\Windows\System32\javaws.exe -J-d64 -Xmx=2048m -localfile -J-Djnlp.application.href= "C:\Users\<snipped user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\21\7311<snipped-hex-number>7f8"
    182 }}}
    183 You don't need to change the end of the command line with the snipped parts here. Just check the path for {{{javaws.exe}}} and add options {{{-J-d64}}} for the 64-bit mode needed to work with large OSM datasets, and {{{-Xmx=2048m}}} to increase the VM size (to 2GB here).
     248old section title, keeping as anchor for old links
     251==== Using brew ====#brew
     252macOS users may use the [ homebrew] package manager to install and update their JOSM instance.
     254In Terminal, run the `brew install --cask josm` to install or `brew upgrade --cask josm` to upgrade to the current tested version of JOSM.
     257=== Known issues ===
     258Not closed issues about …:
     259* [/query?status=!closed&type=defect&keywords=~java Java issues] - some of the bugs lead to blockers in Oracle JVM (covered at [wiki:JavaBugs JavaBugs]).
     260* [/query?status=assigned&type=defect&status=needinfo&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~linux&order=priority Linux]
     261* [/query?status=assigned&type=defect&status=needinfo&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~ubuntu&order=priority Ubuntu]
     262* [/query?status=assigned&type=defect&status=needinfo&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~macos&order=priority macOS]
     263* [/query?status=assigned&type=defect&status=needinfo&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~windows&order=priority Windows]