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For the first one, I don't see a problem, but I would want to test it on different systems. With that said, we (kind of) already support that, via the JOSM Preferences -> Display -> Zoom steps to get double scale setting. So I don't know if we really need it.

For the second patch, I'm really not big fan. I don't know what version of Java you are using, but newer versions of Java have been cracking down on reflection, so I'd really like to avoid new (non-test) usage of reflection.

That is probably why you have the Run with --add-opens java.desktop/ comment. Realistically, that else statement should be checking to see if we are on mac (PlatformManager.isPlatformOsx()).


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    55I've been looking through the code, and it looks like we can get closer to something good with some changes to src/org/openstreetmap/josm/gui/ Scrolling can be turned into (very nice and smooth) panning by changing mouseWheelMoved:
    7 {{{
    88@@ -252,8 +317,19 @@
    99      */
    2828This leaves us without a zoom gesture. On macos the multitouch pinch gesture is accessed through the apple java specific GestureUtilities, We can use reflection to dynamically link against it (this was taken from Note that I'm manually keeping track of the fractional part of the zoom to make it feel a little better. Ideally the mapview should support fractional zooming internally, but I like this first change being single file:
    30 {{{
    3131@@ -106,6 +114,33 @@
    3232         }