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Replying to stoecker:

For the Linux version I hope you remember the openSUSE Java 8 issues until few weeks ago and our resulting suggestion to use Java 7 instead.

I totally forgot that, but I see the bug is fixed, so that's not a problem anymore.

Regarding the need for a switch - Is there anything where we say: "We want this" like it was for Java 7, which had a lot of useful new stuff?

Java 8 is a major release, there are a lot of good new stuff we can use:

  • Lambdas, method references, default and static interface methods: powerful new syntaxes allowing to write more compact code
  • Stream API: more compact code for iterations
  • Paraller sorting: improve performance
  • Predicate, Function: may replace/simplify our own Predicate and Function classes
  • Base64: may replace our own Base64 class
  • new Date/Time API: simplify all date-related stuff. May replace our DateUtils class
  • String joining: may replace Utils.join()
  • Optional parameters: may simplify null-handling
  • HTTP URL Permissions: may be useful to enforce imagery blacklist

Java 8 also contains:

  • new javascript engine for better performance
  • lot of security/crypto enhancements
  • Unicode/CLDR improvements

I'm sure there are even more stuff I did not see yet :)


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