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Test for missing/wrong railway=crossing|level_crossing — at Initial Version

Reported by: naoliv Owned by: team
Priority: normal Milestone: 16.02
Component: Core validator Version:
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We exchange this for 3 beers if accepted or for 1 beer if something needs to be adjusted (1 beer too if not accepted):

way[railway =~ /^(abandoned|construction|disused|funicular|light_rail|miniature|monorail|narrow_gauge|preserved|rail|subway|tram)$/] > node { set .is_in_railway }
way[highway =~ /^(bridleway|cycleway|footway|path|steps)$/] > node[railway != crossing].is_in_railway {
        throwWarning: tr("should have railway=crossing where pedestrians cross");
        fixAdd: "railway=crossing";

way[highway =~ /^(bus_guideway|living_street|motorway|pedestrian|primary|raceway|residential|road|secondary|service|tertiary|track|trunk|unclassified)/] > node[railway != level_crossing].is_in_railway {
        throwWarning: tr("should have railway=level_crossing where road cross");
        fixAdd: "railway=level_crossing";

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