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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#16410 Josm crashe on startup Core defect team 2018-06-20 fixed
#16377 "Create Preset" dialog does not open. Plugin EasyPresets latest defect maripogoda 2018-06-11 fixed
#16407 Plugin imagery-xml-bounds is broken Plugin imagery-xml-bounds defect Don-vip 2018-06-19 fixed
#16402 Cannot read kml with complex ExtendedData section Plugin opendata latest defect Don-vip 2018-06-18 fixed
#15851 InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty (Ubuntu 18.04) Core tested defect jukey 2018-01-30 othersoftware
#16371 load data failes when changeset=0 Core defect anonymous 2018-06-10 needinfo
#16372 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source Core defect andi@… 2018-06-10 needinfo
#16385 Adding "repeat_on", level 0;1;2 --- crashed Indoor Helper plug-in Plugin ​indoorhelper defect rebsc 2018-06-13 fixed
#16386 JOSM was not uploading all data from my changesets Core latest task team 2018-06-13 invalid
#16389 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: node has no children Core defect team 2018-06-14 fixed
#16394 JOSM validate "Way end node near other way" is false positive for [natural=tree_row] Core validator enhancement team 2018-06-15 fixed
#16392 Wrong character encoding in Fedora Linux Core latest defect team 2018-06-15 othersoftware
#16393 Cannot make an autosave file because of charset Core latest defect team 2018-06-15 duplicate
#16399 problème à l'ouverture de josm, Ubunt Oneiric, 13878 Core defect team 2018-06-16 duplicate
#16396 continuous download plugin incompatible with JOSM 13927+ Plugin continuosDownload latest defect team 2018-06-15 fixed
#11000 JOSM Remote control Import, couldn't it also take a hint for the new layer's name? Core remotecontrol enhancement team 2015-01-20 fixed
#13643 NoSuchElementException in DuplicateNode.isFixable Core validator defect team 2016-09-16 fixed
#13812 NoSuchElementException at DuplicateNode.isFixable Core validator defect team 2016-10-17 duplicate
#16361 Shortcut warnings Core task team 2018-06-04 fixed
#16343 [Patch] Overpass dialog: Allow multiple wizard buttons to be registered Core enhancement team 2018-05-31 fixed
#11556 switch imagery layer pressing tilde (~) or square (²) key Core imagery enhancement Don-vip 2015-06-13 fixed
#16260 Delayed line drawing Core defect jumat@… 2018-05-08 fixed
#13467 Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. Core enhancement team 2016-08-26 fixed
#16384 Can't add imagery layers from Luxembourg's wms_endpoint imagery entry Core imagery defect team 2018-06-12 duplicate
#16381 Misspelled property value - Value 'dogpark' for key 'leisure' looks like 'dogpark' is Misspelled in JOSM validation Core validator latest defect team 2018-06-12 fixed
#16380 Utilsplugin2 compatibility Plugin utilsplugin2 latest defect team 2018-06-12 fixed
#16383 IllegalStateException with Reverter plugin Plugin reverter latest defect Upliner 2018-06-12 duplicate
#16350 WMS raise error 'Can't parse XML request' Core imagery defect team 2018-06-03 fixed
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