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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#17121 Implement JOSM update server timeout Core Webstart latest enhancement team 2018-12-17 worksforme
#17122 Unexpected exception on switching tabs of "upload" dialog Core latest defect team 2018-12-18 duplicate
#15801 IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location Core defect team 2018-01-19 othersoftware
#8583 NoClassDefFoundError: "Could not initialize class org.geotools.image.ImageWorker" when importing image using ImportImagePlugin Plugin importimage latest defect team 2013-04-08 fixed
#17120 [RFC][PATCH] Include shop=gas in the presets Internal preset enhancement team 2018-12-17 fixed
#17115 [PATCH] update crane preset Internal preset enhancement team 2018-12-17 fixed
#17116 Missing translation for "No tile at this zoom level" Core imagery defect team 2018-12-17 fixed
#17114 svn (1.11) update shows warning W170013 Core task team 2018-12-16 othersoftware
#16129 Unsupported ESRI projections Core imagery latest defect team 2018-03-26 fixed
#17095 [Patch] slow JOSM when map style uses fill-image Core mappaint enhancement team 2018-12-11 fixed
#17036 "Way terminates on Area" validator warning should not be raised for ways that are explicitly tagged as ending on area Core validator defect team 2018-11-27 fixed
#16911 Some actions stay in redo stack but cannot be redone Core defect team 2018-10-29 fixed
#17112 IAE: Unknown MapCSS base selector Core defect team 2018-12-14 fixed
#17110 [PATCH] Fix billboard preset Internal preset enhancement team 2018-12-14 fixed
#4760 Drag map using left button Core enhancement team 2010-03-20 wontfix
#17111 convert boundary=protected_area + protect_class=2 into human readable equivalent boundary=national_park Core validator enhancement team 2018-12-14 othersoftware
#16955 Error when using WMS backgrounds Core imagery defect anonymous 2018-11-05 duplicate
#17073 Freeze on startup Core defect anonymous 2018-12-04 needinfo
#17105 Changeset bug Plugin tracer2 latest defect team 2018-12-14 duplicate
#17106 Could not initialize class com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg.JPEGImageReader (win10, 8u171) Core defect team 2018-12-14 duplicate
#17107 unjustified "Ferry route is not connected to a ferry terminal or branches" Core validator defect team 2018-12-14 invalid
#17108 Should not warn about unclosed way with natural=tree Core validator defect team 2018-12-14 fixed
#16006 [Patch] Using 'split adjacent ways' on multipolygons is unpredictable. Core defect GerdP 2018-02-24 fixed
#8595 [Patch] Split Object does not work although selection is clear (2 nodes and one way) Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team 2013-04-11 fixed
#17101 Validation should cache older results Core validator enhancement team 2018-12-13 wontfix
#17058 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with inside() selector Core validator defect Don-vip 2018-12-02 fixed
#17091 Combine (C) tools function is abnormal Core defect team 2018-12-10 worksforme
#17093 EPSG3031 Antarctica Polar Projection display problem Core defect team 2018-12-11 duplicate
#17056 PangasinĂ¡n/Bulacan (Philippines HiRes) not available External imagery source defect Klumbumbus 2018-12-01 fixed
#16686 AIOOBE at java.awt.TexturePaintContext$Int.setRaster Core mappaint latest defect team 2018-08-26 fixed
#17089 Imagery menu broken in 14533 Core defect team 2018-12-09 invalid
#17084 Add 4wd_only Internal preset enhancement team 2018-12-07 fixed
#14891 Error: Incorrect roundabout (highway:primary instead of unclassified) Core validator defect team 2017-06-03 fixed
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