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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#20414 achavi Ansicht Core enhancement team 2021-01-22 invalid
#20417 Community-Umfrage auf der Startseite bitte löschen unspecified task team 2021-01-22 wontfix
#16129 Unsupported ESRI projections Core imagery latest defect team 2018-03-26 fixed
#20134 Bug with Source-Dropdown in Upload-dialog Core defect GerdP 2020-11-22 fixed
#19920 [Patch] Cancel doesn't work with "Download All Children" Core defect team 2020-10-12 fixed
#20415 CAPAS SHP Core defect team 2021-01-22 worksforme
#20413 Wikipedia tag validation incorrectly assumed + is a URL-encoded value Plugin wikipedia latest defect floscher 2021-01-21 duplicate
#20386 Presets in toolbar crash Core defect team 2021-01-13 invalid
#14596 InvalidPathException when clicking "Open file" due to a special filename Core defect bagage 2017-03-31 invalid
#20394 error on open file dialog Core defect team 2021-01-15 duplicate
#20398 Bug a la fermeture Core latest defect dodineau@… 2021-01-17 needinfo
#20399 Invalid validation for HTTPS External rule defect anonymous 2021-01-17 needinfo
#20411 name-suggestions.presets.xml not found Core defect team 2021-01-20 invalid
#20408 Rotate whole view Core tested enhancement team 2021-01-20 duplicate
#20402 Serbian language is not working Core tested defect team 2021-01-18 fixed
#20142 man page: josm.dir.name is not properly documented Ubuntu package latest defect team 2020-11-24 fixed
#20401 Messages WARNING and SEVERE not logged - show always up in console Core latest defect team 2021-01-18 invalid
#20404 Impossible to add new external preset. Trac defect stoecker 2021-01-18 worksforme
#20286 barrier=cycle_barrier icon is very hard to see Internal mappaint style enhancement team 2020-12-23 fixed
#20392 Add validator rule for shoulder Core validator tested enhancement team 2021-01-14 fixed
#20363 [PATCH] Extract necessary method for QuadBuckets into separate interface Core enhancement taylor.smock 2021-01-07 fixed
#20338 Approval feature 'diplomatic' Internal preset enhancement team 2021-01-02 fixed
#11860 add healthcare:speciality=paediatrics Internal preset enhancement team 2015-09-12 duplicate
#20351 validator doesn't accept healthcare:speciality=urology Core validator tested defect team 2021-01-05 fixed
#20326 Preset Railway=milstone uses wrong combination for distance tag Internal preset defect team 2020-12-30 fixed
#20400 Opening the Upload Changes dialog also created an error dialog Core defect team 2021-01-18 duplicate
#20345 Corrupted GeoPropertyIndex due to wrong rounding? Core defect team 2021-01-04 fixed
#20397 crach loading way on 180-th degree longitude Core defect team 2021-01-17 duplicate
#20332 Ubuntu packages does not declare all required dependencies Ubuntu package defect mdk 2020-12-31 fixed
#15906 [Patch] Isn't properly reverting multiple changesets Plugin reverter defect team 2018-02-11 fixed
#20395 ConcurrentModificationException: Revert can't revert 833386 Plugin reverter defect GerdP 2021-01-15 fixed
#20259 UnsupportedCharsetException: ISO-8859-3 - cadastre-fr with jpackage build Plugin cadastre-fr defect Don-vip 2020-12-17 fixed
#15055 IndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving conflicts Core defect team 2017-07-23 fixed
#20369 Dont load images if pref="load if manually ordered" Plugin mapillary defect taylor.smock 2021-01-10 fixed
#20390 Mapillary: Can no longer zoom by creating a drag box Plugin mapillary defect taylor.smock 2021-01-14 fixed
#20391 Make it possible to map an object to the validation result Core tested defect team 2021-01-14 invalid
#20389 JOSM homepage SSL certificate expired? Core defect team 2021-01-14 fixed
#20387 This is the x-th time I got this crash. Sometimes when I'm just working in JOSM but it even happens all of the sudden when the JOSM is even in the background and I'm not even doing anything. Plugin mapillary defect taylor.smock 2021-01-13 fixed
#16651 Update to Trac 1.2.3 Trac enhancement stoecker 2018-08-18 wontfix
#8645 Migrate translation to www.transifex.com Core enhancement team 2013-04-29 wontfix
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