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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

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#19071 [Patch] Tag2Link: obtain rules via Apache Ivy and org.webjars.npm Core tag2link enhancement simon04 2020-04-11 fixed
#18164 Migrate OverpassTurboQueryWizard to Java or something else Core enhancement simon04 2019-09-24 fixed
#8352 Color picker for presets, color viewer for tag toolbox Core enhancement team 2013-01-13 fixed
#19315 Translation issue for language fr: Mismatching single quotes Core defect pmaugendre@… 2020-05-29 fixed
#19253 History browser: highlight selected relation member row Core enhancement simon04 2020-05-17 fixed
#19255 History browser: add "position/index of member" column Core enhancement simon04 2020-05-17 fixed
#19328 History browser: Children tab: Changing order of colums only changes the header row but no content of the table Core latest defect team 2020-05-31 fixed
#19254 History browser: double click relation member table to open history of member Core enhancement simon04 2020-05-17 fixed
#19324 Change track color and move map by dragging? Core enhancement team 2020-05-31 worksforme
#19322 How to automatically load map or a dragged *.gpx file? Core enhancement team 2020-05-30 worksforme
#19323 Missing screenshot in AppStream metadata file unspecified defect simon04 2020-05-31 fixed
#18523 [PATCH] Upload dialog no longer displays number of changes in changeset after second upload Core tested defect Don-vip 2020-01-06 fixed
#17270 Improve History (Ctrl+H) when multiple objects are selected Core enhancement team 2019-01-29 fixed
#13930 Too many history dialogs Core enhancement anonymous 2016-11-07 duplicate
#18340 [RFC PATCH] Allow additional sources of data to be downloaded at the same time as OpenStreetMap data sources Core enhancement team 2019-11-18 fixed
#19087 Jenkins JOSM-Plugins fails on plugin wikipedia target test-init Unit tests defect team 2020-04-14 fixed
#19051 Release JMapViewer 2.14 JMapViewer task Don-vip 2020-04-08 fixed
#18965 Jenkins: Projekt Sonar-JOSM-Plugins Plugin task team 2020-03-22 fixed
#6930 Support for importing CSVs with Longitude/Latitude columns Plugin opendata tested enhancement team 2011-10-06 fixed
#19127 Jump to Position: jump to place name Core enhancement simon04 2020-04-20 fixed
#19221 Mapillary plugin error Plugin mapillary defect team 2020-05-11 fixed
#18915 "Precondition violation" not fixable from within JOSM Core defect team 2020-03-11 fixed
#19237 Add more icons to text box context menu Core enhancement team 2020-05-14 fixed
#9779 missing timeout for plugin list Core latest defect team 2014-03-03 worksforme
#19297 IndexOutOfBoundsException when Starting JOSM Core latest defect team 2020-05-26 worksforme
#19275 [Patch] Relation list panel: Direct option for history viewer Core enhancement GerdP 2020-05-21 fixed
#19313 plugin should work with locked data layers Plugin utilsplugin2 defect GerdP 2020-05-29 fixed
#19311 Please add amenity=dojo to the list of "physical features" that allow sports tag (see ticket #9593) Core validator defect team 2020-05-29 fixed
#19121 [Patch] JosmAction.checkAndConfirmOutlyingOperation() should also handle dataset without download area Core enhancement team 2020-04-20 fixed
#19132 [PATCH] NPE if `DataSet.setSelection` is called during a unit test Core defect team 2020-04-21 wontfix
#19303 Mapillary plugin not working Core defect team 2020-05-27 duplicate
#19298 Pecan Trees Internal preset latest enhancement team 2020-05-27 fixed
#18694 [PATCH] Wrongly rendered cursors on HiDPI screen Core tested defect team 2020-02-10 fixed
#13173 [PATCH] Mouse pointer target offset Core defect team 2016-07-20 duplicate
#19295 Ctrl+H doesn't work when getting started screen is focused Core defect simon04 2020-05-26 fixed
#19010 [Patch] Test for "cycleway/sidewalk" in combination with "cycleway/sidewalk:left/right" Core validator enhancement team 2020-03-30 fixed
#17218 [Patch] Revise IntelliJ related compiling guide Wiki content task team 2019-01-18 fixed
#19272 Add imagery of Uruguay External imagery source enhancement team 2020-05-21 fixed
#19287 Please add playground=* to presets Internal preset enhancement team 2020-05-24 fixed
#19161 History browser: relation member table lacks reversed diff incidator Core tested enhancement team 2020-04-27 fixed
#19188 circle arc: Issues with three selected nodes and a selected closed way Plugin utilsplugin2 defect GerdP 2020-05-04 fixed
#17258 Orthogonalisation problem using middle nodes selection Plugin utilsplugin2 latest enhancement team 2019-01-26 fixed
#19290 [PATCH] Look and feel is not loaded before showing splash screen Core defect team 2020-05-24 fixed
#19281 [PATCH] Use Objects.hash where it is not used Core enhancement team 2020-05-23 fixed
#18693 [PATCH] add door=* to entrance preset Internal preset enhancement Klumbumbus 2020-02-10 fixed
#18134 Add support for healthcare=laboratory Internal preset enhancement simon04 2019-09-15 fixed
#19285 [Patch] Ctrl+C (Copy) should keep the order of selection Core enhancement team 2020-05-24 fixed
#19208 JCS: update package to org.apache.commons.jcs3 Core task simon04 2020-05-10 fixed
#19270 JOSM crashes at startup UnsatisfiedLinkError sun.security.mscapi.KeyStore.loadKeysOrCertificateChains Core defect team 2020-05-21 othersoftware
#18735 Middle nodes does not use selected way Plugin utilsplugin2 defect GerdP 2020-02-18 fixed
#19284 Add separate preset localization string for Shoes shop and recycling material Internal preset defect team 2020-05-23 fixed
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