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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#15560 Add compatibility with Java 10 Core enhancement team 2017-11-17 fixed
#16119 ClassNotFoundException: org.openstreetmap.josm.data.Preferences$PreferenceChangedListener Plugin turnrestrictions defect team 2018-03-22 invalid
#16118 NoSuchMethodError: org.openstreetmap.josm.data.Preferences.put Plugin turnrestrictions defect team 2018-03-22 invalid
#15801 IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location Core defect team 2018-01-19 othersoftware
#16117 Funktionier eigentlich weiter Core defect team 2018-03-22 duplicate
#16098 wms error Arcgis hillshade layer problem Core imagery defect team 2018-03-16 othersoftware
#16060 NPE in Relation editor dialog after creating a copy of a relation Core defect team 2018-03-06 fixed
#16116 eurreur from duplicate incomplete relation Core defect team 2018-03-22 duplicate
#15478 [PATCH] Warn about unconnected highway=milestone Core validator enhancement team 2017-10-24 fixed
#16053 IAE: Listener ImageryAdjustAction... when pressing a key during image offset adjust Core imagery defect team 2018-03-04 fixed
#16114 When i push the button to copy relation error window is appear Core defect team 2018-03-21 duplicate
#15623 Multiple incidents Plugin wikipedia defect simon04 2017-12-02 fixed
#15785 SecurityException: Can not verify security pack jar when starting JOSM Core Webstart defect anonymous 2018-01-16 othersoftware
#16113 Bug warning appeared on start-up of JOSM. Windows XP Home. Firefox ESR 52.7.0 but updated after. Core defect team 2018-03-20 duplicate
#14655 JOSM / ELI synchronization Core imagery defect Klumbumbus 2017-04-15 fixed
#16111 JOSM Crashes After Pressing CTRL+C Core defect team 2018-03-20 duplicate
#15310 The Great Deprecation Cleanup Core enhancement team 2017-09-15 fixed
#16080 /etc/default/josm should be marked as configuration file Ubuntu package tested defect bastiK 2018-03-11 fixed
#15849 IllegalArgumentException when changing active layer while setting offset Core imagery defect team 2018-01-30 fixed
#16106 Error when trying to search while downloading Core defect team 2018-03-19 fixed
#16105 Adding a stop sign results in a permissions problem getting os.name Core defect team 2018-03-19 duplicate
#16084 WMTS does not support different tile sizes for layers using the same projection Core imagery defect team 2018-03-12 fixed
#11266 [Patch] Fix SVG version of JOSM logo Core enhancement floscher 2015-03-26 fixed
#16104 Copy function mixes keys/values Core defect team 2018-03-18 fixed
#16102 kml import is very slow compared to gpx import Plugin opendata enhancement Don-vip 2018-03-17 fixed
#14821 JVM crash on Windows 10 Creators Update when opening a file chooser Core tested defect team 2017-05-20 duplicate
#16064 OsmTransferCanceledException: Operation canceled Core defect anonymous 2018-03-09 needinfo
#16099 can't copie a relation Core defect team 2018-03-16 duplicate
#16097 NPE in History window Core defect team 2018-03-15 fixed
#16096 Tried downloading data using a bounding box way (outline) as a limiting parameter Core defect team 2018-03-15 fixed
#16072 AIOOBE at ImproveWayAccuracyAction.paint Core defect team 2018-03-10 fixed
#16095 Bug report while undoing Core defect team 2018-03-15 duplicate
#16092 Translating styles External rule task ak099 2018-03-13 fixed
#16091 SecurityException after start Core Webstart latest defect team 2018-03-13 duplicate
#16085 Copy values from history dialogue Core enhancement team 2018-03-12 fixed
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