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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#22715 MapRoulette plugin generates upload tags that are too long when completing multiple tasks together Plugin MapRoulette defect taylor.smock 2023-02-06 fixed
#21423 [PATCH][RFC] Document validator test identification codes Core validator enhancement gaben 2021-10-11 fixed
#22712 ignore list doesn't work Core validator defect team 2023-02-06 fixed
#18815 "waterway=canal" + "tunnel=yes" is valid ! Core validator defect team 2020-02-29 fixed
#22702 MapRoulette plugin exception on upload (different?) Plugin MapRoulette defect taylor.smock 2023-02-03 fixed
#22710 Open multiple relation from Tags view. Core enhancement team 2023-02-05 duplicate
#22709 Exception when validating Core validator tested defect team 2023-02-05 duplicate
#22705 JOSM shows blank data downloads Core latest defect team 2023-02-04 worksforme
#21071 Jenkins hangs again Unit tests defect team 2021-07-05 fixed
#22588 [Patch] Improve horse related presets Internal preset enhancement team 2022-12-21 fixed
#22693 [PATCH] `PresetListEntry` should use `trc` instead of `tr` for `display_value` Core defect team 2023-01-30 fixed
#22699 MapRoulette plugin fails on upload of task Plugin MapRoulette defect taylor.smock 2023-02-03 fixed
#22481 building:level -> building:levels Core validator enhancement team 2022-11-01 fixed
#22697 Module error message popped up Plugin Magic Wand defect team 2023-02-02 duplicate
#22696 Add tag dialogue doesn't work properly with right to left languages Core defect team 2023-01-31 othersoftware
#22685 Pop-up UI does not load until mouse hover on Manjaro Linux Core defect Enderbyte09 2023-01-27 othersoftware
#22694 downloaded app from windows store suggest to update Core defect team 2023-01-30 duplicate
#22683 IllegalArgumentException: Listener was already added Plugin mapwithai defect taylor.smock 2023-01-26 fixed
#21059 JDK16 - IllegalAccessError: cannot access class [...] because module java.base does not export sun.security.action to unnamed module Core defect Don-vip 2021-07-01 fixed
#22690 Crash dialog while JOSM should save the file and close itself Core defect team 2023-01-29 duplicate
#22692 Afdrukken Plugin print defect team 2023-01-30 duplicate
#18258 [RFC PATCH] Allow end user to know what the original id of a feature was Core enhancement team 2019-10-25 fixed
#22687 Add closed:note to discardable tags Core enhancement team 2023-01-28 wontfix
#22688 cannot remove the read only file system Core defect team 2023-01-29 invalid
#22686 Old JOSM version on Microsoft Store Installer Windows defect team 2023-01-27 duplicate
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