Changeset 9134 in josm for trunk/data

2015-12-15T20:55:53+01:00 (9 years ago)

Introduce imagery-source warnings about alignment and reprojections.

Introduce new setting to maps.xsd:

  • valid-georeference - which marks imagery sources that are properly georeferenced (i.e. do not need imagery offset adjustments)
  • epsg4326to3857Supported - which marks imagery sources that might be safely queried using EPSG:3857 square BBOX, using EPSG:4326 projection

Make the AlignImageryPanel to show only, when valid-georeference is not set to true and provide the ability to hide this message ("do not show again"), which will be now remembered on per-source basis. Due to this changes, good imagery sources will not show warning to novice users and - experienced users will be presented with a warning, when they open an new imagery source which might be unaligned.

Introduce the ability to check "do not show again" the warning about EPSG:3857 to EPSG:4326 reprojections - as above - on per imagery basis.

All imagery sources should be now reviewed and set valid-georeference=true when appropriate.

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  • trunk/data/maps.xsd

    r8695 r9134  
    689689                                                                </xs:complexType>
    690690                                                        </xs:element>
     691                                                        <!--  is imagery properly georeferenced (i.e. no need to check offsets). Defaults to false. Affects showing warnings. -->
     692                                                        <xs:element name="valid-georeference" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" type="xs:boolean" />
     693                                                        <!-- does imagery server supports JOSM 4326 to 3857 reprojection and non-square queries. Affects showing warnings. -->
     694                                                        <xs:element name="epsg4326to3857Supported" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" type="xs:boolean" />
    691695                                                </xs:choice>
    692696                                        </xs:sequence>
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